Slow & Fast Motion Recording (VIXIA HF R60/R62/R600)
Article ID: ART100414 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Slow & Fast Motion Recording (VIXIA HF R60/R62/R600)


When the movie format is set to MP4, you can use slow motion to capture scenes with lots of movement at half the normal speed, or fast motion to compress the passage of time into unique time-lapse scenes. With slow & fast motion recording, you can choose one of 8 speed options between 1/2x and 1200x the normal speed to record movies with a unique look. Additionally, for some fast motion settings you can choose to record a single frame or a short bit of video (about 0.5 seconds) at every interval.
Sound is not recorded during slow & fast motion recording.
Slow & fast motion recording cannot be used in the following cases.
- When the video quality is set to 35 Mbps or 4 Mbps. Slow motion [x1/2] is available only when the video quality is set to 17 Mbps.
- When the frame rate is set to 24P.
- While the camcorder is controlled remotely from an iOS/Android device.
  • Slow & Fast recording cannot be used when the movie format is set to AVCHD.

The movie format can be changed to MP4 from the [Movie Format] menu. For more information, please refer to Recording Formats: Available Options (AVCHD/MP4) and Setting Procedures (VIXIA HF R60/R62/R600).

1. Insert a fully charged battery pack or use the supplied compact power adapter.

2. Turn on the camcorder.
: Slide the lens cover switch down.
: Open the LCD panel to turn on the camcorder. You can also press ON/OFF.

3. Touch [ ].

4. Drag your finger left/right to bring the [Main Functions] menu to the center, and then touch the icon to open it.

5. Touch [Slow & Fast Motion].

6. Select the desired recording speed.

: When you select a speed between [x10] and [x1200], you can select the desired recording time with the following procedure before touching [ ].
: To turn off the slow & fast motion recording mode, repeat the procedure selecting [ ] instead.
Recording speedRecording time and interval*Real time elapsed in a 1-minute scene
[1 Frame][0.5 sec.]
Slow motion:
Every 0.02 (1/60) sec.-30 sec.
Fast motion:
Every 0.07 (1/15) sec.-2 min.
[x4]Every 0.13 sec.-4 min.
[x10]Every 0.33 sec.Every 5 sec.10 min.
[x20]Every 0.67 sec.Every 10 sec.20 min.
[x60]Every 2 sec.Every 30 sec.1 hr.
[x120]Every 4 sec.Every 1 min.2 hr.
[x1200]Every 40 sec.Every 10 min.20 hr.
* Some of the times given are approximate rounded values.

: [ ] and the selected recording speed will appear on the screen.

7. Press START/STOP to start recording.

  • Recording begins.
  • While recording, a scene counter will appear and its dividers ( : ) will flash. Note that the higher the recording speed used, the more slowly the scene counter will advance.

8. Press START/STOP again to stop recording the time-lapse or slow motion scene.
  • Recording ends.