Name of components and information displayed on the screen (PowerShot SX610 HS)

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Name of components and information displayed on the screen (PowerShot SX610 HS)



PowerShot SX610 HS

Lens Wi-Fi antenna area
Microphone Flash
Speaker [ (Flash pop up)] switch
Zoom lever
Shooting: [ (telephoto)] / [ (wide angle)]
Playback: [
(magnify)] / [ ](index)]
Shutter button Tripod socket
Lamp DC coupler terminal cover
Power button Memory card/battery cover
* Used with NFC features.

Screen (LCD monitor) Indicator
Strap mount [ (Mobile Device Connection)] button
AV OUT (Audio/video output) / DIGITAL terminal Movie button
HDMI terminal FUNC. (Function) / SET button
Mode switch [ (Flash)] / Right button
[ (Playback)] button [ (Display)] / Down button
[ Auto Zoom] / [ (Wi-Fi)] / Up button [ (Menu)] button
[ (Macro)] / Left button

Shooting (Information Display)

Battery level Hybrid Auto mode
White balance Flash mode
My Colors Red-eye correction
Drive mode Date stamp
Eco mode Shutter speed
Grid lines Spot frame
Camera shake warning Aperture value
Metering method Exposure compensation level
Still image compression, Recording pixel setting i-Contrast
Recordable shots ISO speed
Self-timer Zoom bar
Movie quality IS mode icon
Remaining time Blink detection
Zoom magnification, Digital tele-converter Auto zoom
Focus range Time zone
Shooting mode, Scene icon Image stabilization
AF Frame

* In [ ] mode, indicates the number of shots available.

Playback (Detailed Information Display)

  • Some information may not be displayed when viewing images on a TV.
Movies, Highspeed burst Folder number - File number
My Colors Current image no. / Total no. of images
Histogram Shutter speed (still images), Image quality / Frame rate (movies)
Group playback Aperture value
Compression (image quality) / Recording pixel setting, MP4 (movies) Flash
Protection i-Contrast
Favorites Focus range
Exposure compensation level File size
Still images: Recording pixel setting
Movies: Playback time
ISO speed, Playback speed Shooting date/time
Shooting mode Image editing
Metering method White balance
Battery level Red-eye correction
Image Sync



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