Check / change the Ink Cartridge Setting in Mac OS X

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Checking / changing Ink Cartridge Setting in Mac OS X


Setting the Ink Cartridge

When printing, you can specify the ink cartridge you use.
If one of the ink cartridges becomes empty, you can continue printing by specifying the ink cartridge that still has ink.

The procedure for specifying the ink cartridge is as follows:

1. Select Ink Cartridge Settings from the pop-up (dropdown) menu on the Canon IJ Printer Utility.

2. Select the Ink Cartridge as desired, and click Apply. Choices are Color only, Black Only and Black and Color.

The specified ink cartridge will be used from the next printing.

Note : When the following settings are configured, Black Only is disabled. The color ink cartridge is also used to print.

- A paper type other than Plain Paper is selected from the Media Type of the Quality & Media on the pop-up menu in the Print dialog box.

- XXX (borderless) is selected from the Paper Size pop-up menu in the Page Setup dialog box, and Borderless Printing is enabled.

Canon recommends that you use the ink cartridges installed in the printer and not remove them until the ink runs out.

Open the Canon IJ Printer Utility

To open the Canon IJ Printer Utility, follow the steps below.

1. Select Library in the Hard Drive.

2. Open Printers -> Canon -> BJPrinter -> Utilities -> Canon IJ Printer Utility

3. Select the desired printer in the list, then click Maintenance.

Canon IJ Printer Utility will be launched.

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