Procedure for changing updated XL/XH camcorders from NTSC to PAL mode.

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Procedure for changing updated XL/XH camcorders from NTSC to PAL mode.


For camcorders that have been upgraded by a Canon Factory Service Center to offer switchable NTSC (60i) > PAL (50i) operation please follow the below steps to change operating modes.

(For information regarding converting a Canon pro series HD camcorder to multi-system operation please see below)

  1. Press the <MENU> button to display the camera menu.

  2. Press the <SET> button to enter the [SIGNAL SETUP] menu. Then in the [SIGNAL SETUP] menu of converted camcorders scroll down to [50i/60i SEL. 60i] and press <SET>.
    - The 50i/60i option will display the currently selected mode (50i or 60i).

  3. The [50i/60i SEL.] menu will be displayed.

  4. Select the desired mode and press the <SET> button.

  5. Select [YES] and press <SET>. The camcorder will reset and switch systems.

A modification can be performed to the XL-H1(also "a" and "s" models), XH-G1(s), and XH-A1(s) HD camcorders to permit switching between NTSC (60i) and PAL (50i) recording modes. This modification must be performed by the Canon Factory Service center and is only available to end users.

Canon Factory Service
125 Chubb Ave Suite 100N
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071


Canon Factory Service
15955 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618

Please note that there is an additional charge of $500 for this service. Normal turnaround time for this service is approx. 3-5 business days. Depending on service center workload while-you-wait service may be available for walk-in customers. Please contact the nearest Canon Factory Service center for service center hours.



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