Ethernet Driver (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590/MF6540 Only)

Article ID: ART101055 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


You can specify the communication method and Ethernet connection type. The default setting is <AUTO>.
1. Press [Additional Functions].

2. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <SYSTEM SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

3. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <NETWORK SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

4. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <ETHERNET DRIVER>, then press [OK].

5. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <AUTO DETECT>, then press [OK].

6. Press [<-] or [+>] to select the desired detection method, then press [OK].

  • <AUTO>: Automatically determines the communication mode (Half duplex/Full duplex) and Ethernet type (10Base-T/100BaseTX). Skip to step 11.
  • <MANUAL>: You have to manually specify the communication mode and Ethernet type.
If you reconnect the network cable (for example, reconnect the cable to a different Ethernet hub) with the power on, the Auto Detect function will not work even if you set <AUTO DETECT> to <AUTO>.
(Connect the cable with the power off.)

7. If you have selected <MANUAL> in step 6, press [<-] or [+>] to select <DUPLEX>, then press [OK].

8. Press [<-] or [+>] to select the desired communication method, then press [OK].

9. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <ETHERNET TYPE>, then press [OK].

10. Press [<-] or [+>] to select the desired Ethernet connection type, then press [OK].

  • <10 BASE-T>: Establishes a 10Base-T network connection.
  • <100 BASE-TX>: Establishes a 100Base-TX network connection.
11. Press [Stop] to return to the standby mode.

12. Restart the machine.



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