Contents of the User Software CD

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Contents of the User Software CD


MF Drivers & Toolbox
  • UFRII LT Driver
The Canon UFRII LT printer driver enables you to print from any application software to the machine. Taking full advantage of your PC?s processing power to compress the print data, this driver executes the high-speed data processing.
  • PCL Driver (MF6595cx/MF6595 only)
Hewlett-Packard?s PCL printer driver includes the PCL5c, PCL5e, and PCL6 drivers. The PCL5c printer driver is for color printers, while the PCL5e and PCL6 printer drivers are for black and white printers. PCL6 is an advanced version of PCL5e and offers superior printing quality and speed. This machine supports the PCL5e and PCL6 printer drivers.
  • FAX Driver (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
The FAX Driver is similar to the printer driver. Instead of the document being printed when the user selects [Print] from any application software, it is formatted and then sent as a fax to a fax number that the user specifies.
  • Scanner Driver (Only available using a USB connection)
Scanner Driver enables computer to use the machine as scanner.
  • MF Toolbox
MF Toolbox is a program that allows you to easily import images scanned with a scanner into an application, attach them to e-mail messages, save them to the computer, etc.
Bundled Programs
To install the following programs, load the User Software CD into a computer, click on the [Easy Installation] or [Custom Installation] button on the CD-ROM Setup (Software Programs) screen, then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If the CD-ROM Setup (Software Programs) screen is not displayed, click [Start] on the Windows task bar -> [My Computer].
  • Windows Vista: click [start] on the Windows task bar -> [Computer].
  • Windows 2000: double-click [My Computer] on the Windows desktop.
Open the CD-ROM icon, then double-click [MInst] ([MInst.exe]).
  • ScanSoft OmniPage
ScanSoft OmniPage makes it easy to convert scanned paper documents and images from image files into editable text for use in your favorite computer applications.
  • Presto! PageManager
Presto! PageManager makes it easy to scan, share and organize photos and documents.
  • NetSpot Device Installer (NSDI)
NetSpot Device Installer enables you to set up the machine for network operations. When you start this program, click on the [Additional Software Programs] button in step 2 of or in step 2 of , then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. For details, see the Readme file and online help for this program.
  • Canon Font Manager (MF6595cx/MF6595 only)
Canon Font Manager is utility software that allows you to install and uninstall fonts, etc.. For details, see the Readme file for this program.
  • PCL Barcode (MF6595cx/MF6595 only)
30 barcode scalable fonts are included.
  • ScanSoft OmniPage and Presto! PageManager are not supported on Windows XP 64-bit version and Windows Server 2003.
  • NetSpot Device Installer is not supported on Windows 64-bit version.
  • Reference Guide
Reference Guide consists of total operation features, network and remote user interface, system manager settings, reports and lists, and trouble shooting. Also includes the basic operation guide contents.
  • Scanner Driver Guide
Scanner Driver Guide consists of scanner settings from a computer.



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