MF 6590 RX Report

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The default setting is <OUTPUT NO>.
1. Press [Additional Functions].

2. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <REPORT SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

3. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

4. Press [<-] or [+>] to select <RX REPORT>, then press [OK].

5. Press [<-] or [+>] to select the setting you want, then press [OK].

<OUTPUT NO>: Does not print a report.
<PRINT ERROR ONLY>: Prints a report only when a reception error occurs.
<OUTPUT YES>: Prints a report every time you receive a document.
6. Press [Stop] to return to the standby mode.Report Items
Report Items
The following items are displayed in the Reception Report:
  • Transaction description
  • TX/RX NO: Transaction number
  • RECIPIENT ADDRESS: Recipient?s fax/telephone number
  • DESTINATION ID: Registered name for speed dial
  • ST. TIME: Transmission time
  • TIME USE: Transmission duration
  • PGS.: Number of pages received
  • RESULT: Result of transaction
- OK: Reception successful
- NG: Reception failed
- STOP: Reception manually canceled before completion
  • Error code: When the error occurs in the machine, an error code with a four-digit code shown on an ERROR
TX REPORT or an ERROR RX REPORT will be printed automatically. That code describes the details of error.



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