Condensation warning indicator for ZR series camcorders

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Condensation warning indicator for ZR series camcorders


What is condensation?

When pouring a chilled beverage into a glass, water droplets may form on the surface of the glass.
This happens because the air around the glass is rapidly cooled down, and moisture in the air adheres to the surface of the glass.
This phenomenon is called condensation. This kind of phenomenon could also happen to the camcorder.
Please note that using the camcorder when condensation occurs could cause malfunctions.
Condensation may form on the camcorder in the following cases:
  1. When being moved from a cold place to a warm place
  2. When being used in a rapidly-heated cold room
  3. When being used in a humid room
  4. When being moved from an air-conditioned room to a warm, humid place
When condensation occurs:
  • The camcorder stops operating automatically.
The warning message [CONDENSATION HAS BEEN DETECTED] appears for about 4 seconds, and the condensation-warning icon starts flashing
  • If a cassette is loaded in the camcorder, the message, [CONDENSATION HAS BEEN DETECTED. REMOVE THE CASSETTE] appear, and a condensation-warning icon and the icon that indicates removing the cassette start flashing.
< Solution >
If a cassette is loaded in the camcorder, remove the cassette immediately, and then place the camcorder with the cassette compartment open in a dry place for about an hour.
If condensation is detected, the POWER switch and cassette-removing switch will be activated.
* Leaving the cassette in the camcorder may damage the tape.
* A cassette should not be loaded into the camcorder when condensation is detected.
How to avoid condensation
When the camcorder is moved rapidly between 2 places with different temperatures, please remove the tape beforehand and place the camcorder in an airtight plastic bag.
You may bring the camcorder out of the bag after its temperature appears the same as the temperature of the surrounding environment.
Resuming use of the camcorder after condensation
Allow at least one hour before resuming use; more time may be required for heavier condensation.
Even if the condensation-warning icon stops flashing when turning the camcorder on, wait one hour before resuming use.



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