Check the current ink level - Mac OS X
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Check the current ink level - Mac OS X


Checking the Current Ink Level

Ink Level Information allows you to check the printer's current ink level.

  1. Open the Canon IJ Printer Utility

  2. Select 'Ink Level Information' from the pop-up menu.

    An illustration of the ink types and their status is displayed.
    An icon will be displayed to warn that an ink is running low or a no ink error has occurred.

    : The ink is running low.

    : The ink has run out.

To open the IJ Printer Utility, perform the following.

Note: After confirming that the cable connects the printer to the computer and the printer is powered on, follow the procedures below.

1. Open 'Applications', 'Utilities', and double-click the 'Printer Setup Utility' icon.

Note: If you are using Mac OS X 10.5.x, from the Apple menu click 'System Preferences'.

From 'System Preferences', open 'Print & Fax'.

From the 'Print & Fax' window, click 'Print Queue'.

The name of Printer Setup Utility varies according to the Mac OS X version.
When your Mac OS X version is older than 10.3.x, double-click 'Print Center'.

2. In the Printer List, select the printer name you are using, and click 'Utility' in the toolbar.

*The image is an example using the iP2200 model.

3. Similarly, select the printer name you are using in the Printer List, and click 'Maintenance'.

4. The IJ Printer Utility is launched.

*Display may vary depending on the printer model.

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