EOS Elan II / IIE : How to use auto flash with red-eye reduction.

Article ID: ART101587 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


How to use auto flash with red-eye reduction.


When flash is used in a low-light environment, the subjects eyes may come out red in the photograph. "Red eye" happens when the light from the flash reflects off the retina of the eyes.

The camera's red-eye reduction feature turns on the red-eye reduction lamp to shine a gentle light into the subjects eyes to narrow the pupil diameter or iris. A small pupil reduces the chances of red-eye from occurring. Red-eye reduction can be set in any picture-taking mode except <Landscape> and <Sports>

Press the function button until the red-eye reduction symbol appears on the LCD panel

Turn the main dial to set "1" on the LCD panel

  • To cancel the red-eye reduction, set "0" on the LCD panel

  • Red-eye reduction will not work unless the subject looks at the red-eye reduction lamp. Tell the subject to look at the lamp
  • For maximum effectiveness, take the picture after the red-eye reduction lamp turns off ( after 1.5 sec.)
  • You can take a picture even while the red-eye reduction lamp is lit
  • The effectiveness of the red-eye reduction varies depending on the subject



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