EOS Elan II / IIE : How to set the AF Mode

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How to set the AF Mode


The AF mode is the autofocusing method. The camera has three AF modes: 1) One-Shot AF for still subjects, 2) AI Servo AF for moving subjects and 3) AI Focus AF for still and moving subjects. Select the AF mode that suits the subject
  • The AF mode can be set only in the Creative Zone modes

Set the lens focus mode switch to <AF>

Set the camera to a Creative Zone mode

  • Turn the Command Dial to select the desired Creative Zone mode

Turn the AF mode dial to select the AF mode


Press the shutter button halfway to start the AF operation. Focus will then be achieved once
  • The focusing point which achieves focus flashes briefly and the in-focus indicator <> lights.
  • When focus is achieved the exposure setting (shutter speed and aperture) is set at the same time. The exposure setting and focus are locked while you keep pressing the shutter button halfway. You can then recompose the shot while maintaining the lock
  • If focus cannot be achieved, the in-focus indicator <> in the viewfinder will blink. In this condition, you cannot take a picture even when you press the shutter button completely. Recompose the shot and focus again

AI Servo for Moving Subjects

The camera focuses continuously while you keep pressing the shutter button halfway
  • This AF mode suits moving subjects when the focusing distance keeps changing
  • With predictive AF*, the camera can also focus track a subject which steadily approaches or retreats from the camera
  • The exposure setting is set when the picture is taken
  • In this mode the in-focus indicator does not light and the beeper does not sound even when focus is achieved
  • If the in-focus indicator blinks, it means that focus has not bee achieved

*About Predictive AF

If the subject approaches or retreats from the camera at a constant rate, the camera tracks the subject and predicts the focusing distance immediately before the picture is taken. It thus predicts the distance where the subject will be at the moment of exposure. This is for obtaining a more accurate focus.

  • In the automatic focusing point selection mode, the camera first uses the center focusing point to focus. If the subject later moves away from the center focusing point, focus tracking continues as long as the subject covered by another focusing point. The active focusing point does not flash
  • In the manual focusing point selection mode, the focusing point that flashes in red is used for predictive AF

AI Focus for Still and Moving Subjects

The AF mode changes automatically to suit the subject
  • If the subject focused in the One-Shot AF mode starts to move, the camera detects the subject movement and switches automatically to AI Servo AF to continue tracking the subject.



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