EOS Elan II / IIE : How to calibrate the Eye-Control Focus Point Selection system

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How to calibrate the Eye-Control Focus Point Selection system


With Eye-Controlled Autofocus, you select the desired focusing point just by looking at it. The camera detects your eye movement and instantly senses which focusing point your eye is looking at and focuses at that point. However, since each person's eye differs depending on pupil size contact lens or eyeglass use, etc. the eye movement characteristics must be registered to calibrate the Eye-Controlled Autofocus feature

Eye-Controlled Autofocus Calibration

Three calibration settings (1 to 3) can be set and used. For example calibration No.1 can be used for your naked eye, No. 2 for when you use contact lenses or eyeglasses and No. 3 for another user's eye

  • During calibration do not take your eye off the viewfinder until the calibration is completed

Calibration for Horizontal Framing

Set the Command Dial to CAL

  • The LCD panel and viewfinder displays CAL- and the calibration No.. A blinking calibration No. indicates that the calibration has not been set. If the calibration No. is displayed without blinking, it indicates that the calibration has been set for that No.

Turn the Main Dial to select a blinking calibration No.

  • If none of the calibration numbers blink when selected see " Deleting a Calibration Setting"

Look through the viewfinder

Look at the blinking focusing point on the right and press the shutter button

  • The beeper will sound. Keep looking at the right focusing point for 1 to 2 sec. until it stops blinking
  • If the Custom Function has been set to silence the beeper, the beeper will not sound during the calibration process

Release the shutter button. The left focusing point will then start blinking. Look at the blinking focusing point on the left and press the shutter button. After 1 to 2 sec. the beeper will sound. This completes the horizontal calibration

  • When the calibration is completed, the left focusing point stops blinking and stays lit. "END" is also displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel
  • If you stop the calibration process midway, wait until the focusing point lit in red is the viewfinder turns off. Then press the shutter button and start from step 3 above

Calibration for Vertical Framing

Press the shutter button halfway, hold the camera vertically and press the shutter button completely. then calibrate by following steps 1 to 5 above

You should use the calibration No. that was used for horizontal-frame calibration

  • When the camera is held vertically, the top focusing point will start blinking first regardless of whether the camera grips is facing up or down

To take the picture, set the Command Dial to a mode except CAL or CF



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