XL H1A and XL H1S kit contents

Article ID: ART101839 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


XL H1A and XL H1S kit contents


XL H1A and XL H1S body kit contents

CA-920 Compact Power Adapter

DC-920 DC Coupler

BP-950G Battery Pack

SDC-32M SD Memory Card

WL-D5000 Wireless Controller

Two AA (R06) Batteries

Color Viewfinder

Microphone Unit

Camcorder Dust Cap

SS-1000 Shoulder Strap

Adapter Holder

DTC-1000 Component Video Cable

Adjustment Band (for the external microphone holder)

Stereo Cable

External Monitor Cable

Tripod Adapter Base

HDVM-E63PR Digital Videocassette

XL H1A and XL H1S contents lens kit

Canon HD Video 5.4 - 108 mm L IS III Zoom Lens (with soft case)

Lens Cap

Lens Dust Cap

Lens Hood



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