Scan Multiple Items at Once With MP Navigator EX

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Learn how to scan multiple items at once using MP Navigator EX and your LiDE 100 / LiDE 200 /  LiDE 90 /  5600F / 8800F scanner.


You can scan two or more photos or small documents at the same time by setting the document size to Auto Detect (Multiple Documents) in the Scan Settings dialog box of MP Navigator EX.

Before you begin

These types of documents won't crop accurately.

  • Documents smaller than 1.18 inches (3 cm) square.
  • Photographs that have been cut to various shapes
  • Photographs that have an overall whitish appearance.
  • Photographs that have a whitish border.
  • Documents other than photographs (particularly documents printed on white paper, hand-written text, business cards, etc.).

 You can change the paper size to the actual paper size in the Advanced Mode tab and scan again. If the matching size isn't found, scan at a larger size and trim the image.

Scan multiple documents at once

  1. Place the documents face-down on the glass surface.


  • If documents are placed on a slant less than 10 degrees, the documents will scan after an automatic correction takes place..

  • Allow 3/8 inches (1 cm) or more space between the edges of the platen and the document as shown below.

  • Allow 3/8 inches (1 cm) or more space between documents.

  • You can place up to 10 documents.

  1. Close the document cover when you're ready to scan.

figure: Example of placing documents on platen

  1. On the Windows desktop, double-select alt MP Navigator EX 1.0.
  • Also, you can go to the Windows taskbar, select Start, point to (All) Programs, Canon Utilities, then MP Navigator EX 1.0. Then select MP Navigator EX 1.0.

  • The MP Navigator EX one-select mode screen or navigation mode screen opens.

    • One-click Mode Screen.
      • You can scan and save at once by selecting the corresponding icon on the one-select mode screen.

      • You can scan multiple documents at one time from the one-select mode screen as well, by changing the document size.

figure: MP Navigator EX One-click mode screen
  • Navigation Mode Screen
    • .When the one-click mode screen has opened, select the alt (Switch Mode) button to switch to the navigation mode screen.

    • If the Show this window at startup checkbox isn't selected, the last used screen open.

figure: MP Navigator EX Navigation mode screen

  1. Point to Scan/Import and select Photos/Documents (Platen).

    figure: MP Navigator EX Navigation mode screen

  2. Select Document Type according to the document you want to scan.

    figure: Photos/Documents (Platen) screen before scanning

  3. Select Specify....  and the Scan Settings Dialog Box opens.

  4. Select Auto Detect (Multiple Documents) for Document Size and tap OK.

    figure: Scan Settings dialog box

  5. Return to the Scan/Import Documents or Images screen and tap Scan.
  • The scan of the multiple documents starts.

  • When the scan completes, the Scan Complete dialog box opens. Select Scan to scan the next document, or select Exit to end the scan.

  • The images appear in the Thumbnail List area.

figure: Photos/Documents (Platen) screen after scanning

  1. Select images to edit. Those will display with an orange outline.
  • Use edit tools to rotate images, select a part of an image, etc.

  • Drag the mouse or use Shift + arrow keys to select multiple images. Those will display with an orange outline.

  1. Select Save or Save as PDF file.

  2. Select the following settings:

When Save is selected

  • The Save dialog box opens.  Select the destination folder, file name and file type.

    figure: Save dialog box

When Save as PDF file is selected

  • The Save as PDF file dialog box opens.  Select the file type, file name and destination folder.

    figure: Save as PDF file dialog box
  • Select from the following PDF file types:


When multiple images are selected, each image is saved as a separate PDF file.

PDF(Multiple Pages)

Multiple images are saved in one PDF file.

PDF(Add Page)

Selected images are added to a specified PDF file. The images are added to the end of the PDF file. You can't rearrange pages of the PDF file to which images are added.

You can select only PDF files created with MP Navigator EX. You can't select PDF files created with other applications. PDF files edited in other applications can't be selected as well.

You can't select JPEG/Exif when Document Type is Text(OCR).

  • The default folder is MP Navigator EX in the Pictures folder (Windows Vista) or in the My Pictures folder (Windows XP and Windows 200

  • PDF(Multiple Pages) is displayed when multiple images are selected.

  • The default folder is MP Navigator EX in the Pictures folder (Windows Vista) or in the My Pictures folder (Windows XP and Windows 2000).

  1. Select Save.
  • Scanned images are saved according to the settings. To further use/edit the scanned images on MP Navigator EX, select Open saved location in the Save Complete dialog box.

  • The saved images appear in the View & Use screen.



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