Setting the MX700 back to default settings

Article ID: ART102153 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Setting the machine back to its factory (default) settings.


Default Settings

Instructions to change the machine back to its default settings.

  1. Press the <Menu> button.

  2. Use the button to select [Maintenance/settings], then press the <OK> button.

  3. Use the button to select [Device settings], then press the <OK> button.

  4. Use the button to select [Reset setting], then press the <OK> button.

  5. Press the up or down arrow to select one of the below options and then press <OK>.
    • Telephone no. only
    • Setting only
    • Reset

  6. Use the button to select [Yes] on the confirmation screen, then press the <OK> button.

  7. Press the <COPY> button to return to the COPY menu.

Note: Reverts all settings you made to the machine since purchase back to default. However, some data may not be erased, depending on the current usage state of your machine.



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