DPOF printing options PowerShot A470.

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DPOF printing options PowerShot A470.


Print Settings (DPOF Print Settings)

You can select images on a memory card for printing and specify the number of print copies in advance using the camera. The settings used on the camera comply with the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standards. This is extremely convenient for printing on a direct print compatible printer, or for sending the images to a photo developing service that supports DPOF.

  • The mark appears over images that have had print marks set by another DPOF-compliant camera. These settings will be overwritten by any print marks set by your camera.
  • The output of some digital printers or photo lab services may not reflect the specified print settings.
  • Print settings cannot be set for movie images.

Selecting Images for Printing

Options for Image Selection.

Select images and Quantity Configures print settings for single images as you view them.
Select All Images Configures print settings for all images.

Only one copy will be printed for each selected image. With the [Select Images and Qty.] option, you can only set the number of copies to print with the [Print Type] option is set to single print [Standard], [Index] or .

Procedure for Selecting Images.

1. Slide the mode switch to (playback) and and select the (Print) Menu Select a Menu item and press the <FUNC/SET.> button.

2. Select the Image, date, category or folder you wish to print and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • [Select Images and Qty.] The selection methods differ for the Print Type Settings.

- (Standard) / ()

Use the or button to select an image, press the <FUNC./SET> button and then use the or button to select the number of print copies ( you can select up to 99 copies).

- (Index)

Use the or button to select the an image and press the <FUNC./SET> button to select or deselect the image you wish to include in the Index Print.

- You can also select images in the index playback mode.

- Press the Menu button to complete the setting.

  • Images are printed in order from oldest to newest by the shooting date.
  • A maximum of 998 images can be marked per SD card.
  • If you are connected to a printer, the ( Print Share) button will light blue while you are selecting images. You can start printing at this point by pressing the (Print Share) button confirming that [Print] is selected and pressing the FUNC./SET button.
  • When [Print Type] is set to , the number of copies can be set. When it is set to [Index], the number of copies cannot be set (only one copy will be printed).
  • Print settings can also be assigned to images with the supplied software programs on a computer.

Setting the Print Style

The following print settings can be selected.



Prints one image per page

Print Type


Prints index prints (multiple reduced-size images per page)


Prints the images in the standard and index formats



Adds the date to the print

File No.


Adds the file number to the print
Clear DPOF


Clears all print settings after the images print.

1. In the [ (Replay)] menu, select [(Print)], use the to choose [Print Settings] and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

2. Select [Print Type], [Date] or [File No.] or [Clear DPOF data] and then specify the desired settings. Select a setting using the or button.

5. Press the <MENU> button.

The set up menu will close and the Print Order menu will reappear.

The Date and File No. settings change according to the Print Type as follows.

- Index

[Date] and [File No.] cannot be set to [On] at the same time.

- Standard or

[Date] and [File No.] can be set to [On] at the same time, however, the printable information may vary between printers.

  • The date prints as the date and time in the format specified in the Set Date/Time menu. Images with date imprints created by (Postcard Date Imprint Mode) (p. 35) will have the date imprinted regardless of the [Date] setting. Accordingly, the date may be printed twice if [Date] is set to [On].
  • Dates print in the style specified in the [Date/Time] menu.



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