Nomenclature of the XL H1A and XL H1S camcorders
Article ID: ART102194 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Nomenclature of the XL H1A and XL H1S camcorders


Left Side View

Left Side View Lens-Viewfinder

Right Side View

Front View

Back View

4, 5 *Do not use tripods with fastening screws longer than 5.5 mm (0.2 in.) as it may damage the camcorder.

17 About the Terminal**
  • (LANC) stands for Local Application Control Bus System. The terminal allows you to connect and control connected devices.
  • Connect only devices with the mark to the terminal.
  • Operation cannot be guaranteed for connections with devices not bearing the mark.
  • Some buttons of connected devices may not operate or may operate differently than the buttons on the camcorder.

Top View

WL-D5000 Wireless Controller

1. PHOTO button 16. REMOTE SET button
2. START/STOP button 17. AV>DV buttons
3. MENU button 18. Zoom buttons
4. TV Screen button 19.Menu selection buttons
5. SLIDESHOW button 20. SET button
6. DATA CODE button 21. CARD - button
7. INDEX WRITE button 22. CARD + button
8. AUDIO MONITOR button 23. MIX BALANCE button
9. END SEARCH button 24. / buttons
10. SEARCH SELECT button 25. PLAY button
11. REC PAUSE button 26. FF button
12. REW button 27. +/ button
13. ZERO SET MEMORY button 28. STOP button
14. -/button 29. X2 button
15.PAUSE button 30. SLOW button