Basic Methods for Scanning Documents to a File Server(FTP)

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Basic Methods for Scanning Documents to a File Server (FTP)


Basic Methods for Scanning Documents to a File Server (FTP)

This section describes the basic procedure for sending scanned documents to a computer that acts as a file server on a network. Refer to the related information for the required settings to be made beforehand.

1. Place your originals.

2. Press (Main Menu).

3. Use [ ] , [ ] or (Scroll Wheel) to select <Send/FAX> or <Scan to Store>, then press [OK]. If you select <Scan to Store>, use [ ] , [ ] or (Scroll Wheel) to select <Store on File Server>, then press [OK].

4. Use [ ] , [ ] or (Scroll Wheel) to select <Enter File Server (New)>, then press [OK].

note: You can also specify addresses using the Address Book or One-touch registered beforehand. For instructions on how to register or use the Address Book and One-touch, refer to the related information.

5. Specify the file server's address.

6. Make the scan settings you require.

7. Press (Start).

  • Scanning starts if the original is placed in the feeder, and the scanned data is sent to the specified destination when scanning is complete.
  • To cancel scanning, press the left Any key to select <Cancel> or press (Stop).

note: If you place the original on the platen glass, select the original size and press (Start) to scan each sheet of originals and press the right Any key to select <Done>.



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