Check the Toner Level

Article ID: ART102443 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 06/13/2022


The models covered in this article are:
  • MF7460
  • MF7470
  • MF7480


Check the Toner Level

You can check the current machine status on the Job/Print Status Display Area and on the Device status screen. The Job/Print Status Display Area (A) displays the progress of jobs and copy operations, and the status of your machine and consumables. Also, the current Department ID or user name can be displayed here.
For the Device status screen, press [System Monitor] (B) to display the System Monitor screen, then press [Device]. The Device status screen enables you to check the following information:
Press [Consumable] (C) to display the remaining toner.


The jobs may not be accepted even if <Avail. Memory> has not reached zero percent. In this case, print or delete jobs stored in the memory and try again.



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