Replace the toner cartridge. (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)

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Replace the toner cartridge
1 Remove the toner cartridge from the bag. Keep the bag for future use.
Do not open the drum protective shutter (A).

2 Gently rock the toner cartridge several times to evenly distribute the toner inside.

3 Remove the seals (2 places).

4 Bend back the blue plastic pull tab as in the illustration above.

Do not remove the pull tab as it is used to pull out the toner when the cartridge needs replaced.

5 Place the toner cartridge on a flat surface and pull the seal completely out.
Do not pull the seal out at an angle.

  • If toner is adhered on the removed seal, be careful that your hands or clothes do not get dirty from touching the toner.
  • If your hands or clothes get dirty from touching the toner, wash them immediately in cold water. Do not use hot water. If you do, the toner may be set permanently.

6 Open the left cover.

7 Hold the toner cartridge by its handle. Insert the toner cartridge into the machine with the arrows (A) on the toner cartridge pointing toward the machine.

8 Insert the toner cartridge so that the left edge of the toner cartridge (A) and the protrusions on the right side of the toner cartridge (B, C) fit into the guides inside the machine. The blue plastic pull tab should be pulled up as illustrated in step 4.

9 Push the toner cartridge to make sure it is properly set in the machine.

Do not touch the fixing assembly (A) as it becomes very hot during use.

10 Close the left cover.

  • Be careful not to get your fingers caught.
  • If you cannot close the left cover, do not force it to close. Open the cover and make sure the toner cartridge is properly set in the machine.



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