Ethernet Driver Settings (imageCLASS MF7480/MF7470 Only)

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Ethernet Driver Settings


Ethernet Driver Settings

You can specify the communication method and Ethernet connection type.

1. Press (Additional Functions).
Press (Additional Functions).
2. Press [System Settings] [Network Settings] [Ethernet Driver Settings].
If the System Manager ID and System Password have been set, enter the System Manager ID and System Password using (numeric keys), then press (Log In/Out) to enter the System Settings menu. The Ethernet Driver Settings screen appears.
3. Select [On] or [Off] for <Auto Detect>.
[On]: Automatically determines the communication mode (Half duplex/Full duplex) and Ethernet type (10Base-T/100BaseTX). Skip to step 6.
[Off ]: You have to manually specify the communication mode and Ethernet type. Proceed to step 4.
- If you reconnect the network cable (for example, reconnect the cable to a different Ethernet hub) with the power on, the Auto Detect function will not work even if you set Auto Detect to [On]. (Connect the cable with the power off.)
- Use the [Off] setting when you want to specify a particular Ethernet setting.

4. Select [Half Duplex] or [Full Duplex] for <Auto Detect>.
[HALF DUPLEX]: Sends and receives alternately.
[FULL DUPLEX]: Sends and receives simultaneously.
5. Select [10 Base-T] or [100 Base-TX] for <Ethernet Type>.
[10 BASE-T]: Establishes a 10Base-T network connection.
[100 BASE-TX]: Establishes a 100Base-TX network connection.
6. Confirm the settings you specified, then press [OK].

7. Press [Done] repeatedly until the Additional Functions screen closes.

8. Restart the machine.

Turn off the machine, wait at least 10 seconds, then turn it on.



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