Procedure for playing back movies PowerShot SX10 IS.

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Procedure for playing back movies PowerShot SX10 IS.


Viewing Movies

You can replay the images shot in mode.

1. Power the camera on in the Playback mode by pressing the (Playback) button.

  • Movies cannot be viewed in index replay.

2. Select a movie using the or button and press the <FUNC/SET> button.

  • A movie displays with the icon on it.
  • The movie replay panel appears.

3. Select [(Play)] using the or buttons and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • The movie images and sound will play.
  • You can adjust the volume using the or buttons.
  • When a movie has finished playing, it will display the last frame. If the <FUNC./SET> button is pressed in this state, the camera will revert to the movie replay panel. If the <FUNC./SET> button is pressed again, the movie will start playing from the first frame.
  • You can switch between showing/ hiding the playback progress bar with the DISP. button while playing a movie.

Pausing and Resuming Play

1. Press the <FUNC./SET> button to pause the movie. Press it again to resume.

Operating the Movie Control Panel

1. Select a movie and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • The movie control panel will display.

2. Select one of the following operations using the or button and press the <FUNC./SET> button:

Exit (Ends playback and returns to single image playback. Pressing the <MENU> button also returns to single image playback.)
Slow Motion Playback
The playback speed will change if you press the or button in slow motion playback.

First Frame

Previous Frame (Rewinds if the <FUNC./SET> button is held down)

Next Frame (Fast forwards if the <FUNC./SET> button is held down)

Last Frame

Switch to Movie Editing Mode

  • You may experience frame dropping and audio breakup when replaying a movie on a computer with insufficient system resources.
  • Movies recorded with high resolutions and frame rates may momentarily stop playing if played on slow reading SD cards.
  • Movies recorded at the Fast Frame Rate setting and with the video signal set to the PAL format, may play back with a frame rate lower than the recorded one when output to a TV or video. You can play every frame by using the slow motion playback. To check the images at the original frame rate, you are recommended to play the movie back on the camera's LCD monitor or on a computer.

  • The volume at which movies replay can also be adjusted in the Replay menu.
  • Please adjust the audio sound level on the TV when viewing movie files on a TV.
  • Movies shot with other cameras may not replay on this camera.
  • The audio cannot be played in slow motion playback.



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