Procedure for playing back movies PowerShot G10 and G11.

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Procedure for playing back movies PowerShot G10 and G11.


Viewing Movies

You can replay the movies shot in mode.

1. Power the camera on in the (Playback) mode.

  • Movies cannot be viewed in index replay.

2. Select a movie by turning the main dial or using the or button on the omni selector.

  • A movie displays with the icon on it.

3. Press the <SET> button.

  • The Movie Control Panel appears.

3. Select [ (Play)] using the or buttons and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • The movie images and sound will play.
  • You can adjust the volume using the or buttons.
  • When a movie has finished playing, it will display the last frame. If the <FUNC./SET> button is pressed in this state, the camera will revert to the movie playback display. If the <FUNC./SET> button is pressed again, the movie will start playing from the first frame.

Pausing and Resuming Play

1. Press the <FUNC./SET> button to pause the movie. Press it again to resume.

Operating the Movie Control Panel

1. Select a movie and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • The movie control panel will display.

2. Select one of the following operations using the or button and press the <SET> button:

Exit (Return to single image playback.)

Print (This icon will display when a printer is connected.)


Slow Motion (You can use the button to slow down, or the button to speed up playback.

First Frame

Previous Frame (Rewinds if the <SET> button is held down)

Next Frame (Fast forwards if the <SET> button is held down)

Last Frame

Edit (Switches to the movie edit mode.)

You may experience frame dropping and audio breakup when replaying a movie on a computer with insufficient system resources.

  • The volume at which movies replay can also be adjusted in the Set Up menu.
  • If you set [Mute] to [On] in the Set up menu, no sound is reproduced. However, you can resume the sound and adjust the volume during movie playback by pressing the or arrow on the omni selector.
  • Please adjust the audio sound level on the TV when viewing movie files on a TV.
  • Movies shot with other cameras may not replay on this camera.



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