Accessing On-screen manuals - iP3600 / iP4600

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Accessing On-screen manuals


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Solution Menu - On Screen User's Guides

Using Solution Menu or My Printer (Windows only), you can easily get the information on the printer or change the print settings by only clicking buttons on a screen.

With Solution Menu, you can start the software applications supplied with the printer or display the operating instructions. It also provides you with the information on troubleshooting.

With My Printer, you can display the printer properties dialog box of the printer driver. It also provides you with the information on how to take an action when you have trouble with the operation. My Printer is not available in Macintosh.

To Start Solution Menu:

Double-click the Solution Menu icon on the desktop.

Click the Solution Menu icon in the Dock.

Once the Solution Menu is open click 'Get help for your Canon product or software' to open the on-screen manuals.

Note: The buttons displayed vary depending on the model, country or region of purchase.



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