Setting and using the user bit on the XL H1 series camcorders

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Setting and using the user bit on the XL H1 series camcorders


Setting the User Bit

Displaying the User Bit

The user bit display works on the hexadecimal system that consists of a mixture of eight numbers or letters. There are sixteen possible characters, numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to F.

This is useful for labeling tapes.

  1. Press the <MENU> button to open the menu and select [RECORDING SETUP] and [USR BIT DATA].
    If you selected [00 00 00 00], the user bit set/reset options appear; continue with the procedure below. Otherwise, close the menu.

    If you selected [00 00 00 00]:

  2. Select [SET].
    The first part of the display flashes.

  3. Turn the <SET> dial to select the number/alphabet and press the <SET> dial.
    - The next part of the display starts flashing.
    - Set the rest of the display in the same way.

  4. Close the menu.

  • To reset the user bit to [00 00 00 00], select [CLEAR] in step 2.
  • User bit can be recorded when recording with the camcorder or from analog devices. The user bit of your camcorder cannot be recorded when recording from digital devices.

Displaying the User Bit

Press the menu button to Open the menu and select [DISPLAY SETUP/ ]. Select [USR BIT DISP], set it to [ON] and close the menu.

User bit cannot be displayed during special playback.



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