How to change menu settings on the EOS 10D

Article ID: ART103072 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


How to change menu settings on the EOS 10D


The on-screen menus enable you to set various settings such as the image-recording quality, date and time, Custom Functions, etc. While looking at the LCD monitor, press the <MENU> button on the back of the camera and turn the <> or <> dial. Then press the <SET> button.



Display the menu.

  • Press the <MENU> button to display the menu. To turn off the menu, press the button again.

Select a menu item.

  • Turn the <> dial to select the item, then press <SET >.

Select the desired setting.

  • Turn the <> dial to select the desired setting.

Set the desired setting.

  • Press <SET>.

Exit the menu.

  • Press the <MENU > button to exit.
  • Even while the menu is displayed, you can immediately go back to shooting mode by pressing the shutter button halfway.
  • You can use either the <> or <> dial for the menu item selection, image playback, direct printing, and printing specification.
  • To exit, press the shutter button halfway.
  • The menu items and menu settings follow a looping sequence during the selection.
  • The menu can be displayed in one of twelve languages
  • Pressing the <JUMP> button while the menu is displayed switches the menu category to shooting, playback, or setup (in this order). The first menu item of the respective category will appear.



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