How to clean the sensor on the EOS 10D

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How to clean the sensor on the EOS 10D


The image sensor is like the film in a film camera. If any dust or other foreign matter adheres to the image sensor, it may show up as a dark speck in the images. To avoid this, follow the procedure below to clean the image sensor. Note that the image sensor is a very delicate component. If possible, you should have it cleaned by a Canon Service Center.

While you clean the image sensor, the camera must be turned on. Using the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E2 is recommended. If you use a battery, make sure the battery level is sufficient. Before cleaning the sensor, detach the lens from the camera.

- 1. Insert the DC coupler or a fully charged battery into the battery compartment and turn the <> switch to <ON>.
2. Select [Sensor clean.].
  • Turn the <> dial to select [ Sensor clean.], then press <>.
  • If you are using a battery with sufficient power, the screen shown in step 3 will appear.
  • If the battery is exhausted, a warning message will appear and you will not be able to proceed further. Either recharge the battery or use a DC coupler and start from step 1 again.
3. Select [OK].
  • Turn the <> dial to select [OK], then press <>.
  • The mirror will lock up and the shutter will open.
  • "" will blink on the LCD panel.
4. Clean the image sensor.
  • Use a rubber blower to carefully blow away any dust, etc., on the surface of the image sensor.
? 5. Stop the cleaning.
  • Turn the <> switch to <OFF>.
  • The camera will turn off and the shutter will close. The mirror will also go down.
  • Set the <> switch to <ON>. You can start shooting again.
  • During the sensor cleaning, never do any of the following that would turn off the power. If the power is cut off, the shutter will close and it may damage the shutter curtains and image sensor.
    • Do not turn the Power switch to <OFF>.
    • Do not open the CF card slot cover.
    • Do not remove the battery.
  • Do not insert the blower tip inside the camera beyond the lens mount. If the power goes out, the shutter will close and the shutter curtains and image sensor may be damaged.
  • Do not use a blower brush. The brush can scratch the CMOS sensor.
  • Never use cleaning sprays or blower sprays. The pressure and freezing action of the spray gas may damage the surface of the image sensor.
  • When the battery is exhausted, the beeper will sound and the <> icon will blink on the LCD panel. Set the <> switch to <OFF> and replace the battery. Then start from step 1 again.
  • You cannot clean the sensor if Battery Grip BG-E2 (optional) is attached to the camera and size-AA batteries supply the power. Use AC Adapter Kit ACK-E2 (optional) or use a battery having sufficient power.
  • If debris remains on the sensor, the camera may need to be professionally cleaned.



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