MX850 firmware v.1.030 upgrade procedure on Mac OS X

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Follow these instructions to upgrade the machine's firmware if the fax will not wake up from power save mode to receive a fax while connected to a LAN; or, it will not print from a computer when a certain network TV and printer are connected to the same LAN.


Firmware Upgrade Procedure

If the machine's serial number is within the range that is listed below and the machine's firmware version is from 1.000 to 1.020, please upgrade the firmware to version 1.030 using the below procedure. If the firmware version is 1.030 or later, this upgrade is not necessary. To confirm which version is installed, follow the instructions to step 6.

Serial Number Ranges:



ABBE00001 ABBE51323

The serial number consists of four alphabet characters and five numeric characters. Please open scanner unit to check the machine's serial number. It is located on the carriage flexible cable holder (visible on the right of the carriage after the machine is turned on, the scanning unit is opened, and the carriage moves to the center).


The following items are required for the upgrade:
  • Mac OS X computer with the MX850 printer driver installed
  • MX850 printer
  • USB cable

The following files are contained in the same folder as the RomVUp file:

  • Upgrade utility (RomVUp)
  • MX850 firmware for upgrade (MX850_V1030.dat)
  • Upgrade procedure (UpgradeProcedure(Mac).htm)


Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Connect the MX850 to the computer, using the USB cable.

  2. Disconnect the telephone cord from the external device jack and the telephone line jack (marked "L"). (It will be helpful if you mark each line so that you can distinguish them when reconnecting them after the upgrade.)
  3. If applicable, remove the LAN cable, USB cable from the direct print port (PictBridge) and a card from the card slot.

    * Connect a single MX850 printer unit to the computer via the USB cable, and disconnect all other printer units, if any.
    * Before starting the firmware upgrade, print all received fax messages. All the data received in memory will be cleared by the firmware upgrade. The registered user's data such as the one-touch and coded speed dial numbers are retained and you don't need to register them again.

  4. Exit all application software, and double-click RomVUp to launch the Printer Upgrade Utility.
  5. Review the bulleted items in the Printer Upgrade Utility window (in Step 1) then turn on the printer, and click 'Next'.


If the following dialog box is displayed, the following causes are suspected:

Cause 1: The USB cable is not connected.
Solution: Connect the USB cable, and perform the procedures from the beginning again.

Cause 2: The printer is not turned on.
Solution: Turn on the printer power, and perform the procedures from the beginning again.

Cause 3: The downloaded upgrade firmware is not for your MX850.
Solution: Download the applicable upgrade firmware files, and perform the procedures from the beginning again.

  1. In addition to confirming your machine's model appears in the Printer Name field (in Step 2 of the Printer Upgrade Utility window), it is important that you verify the version numbers in the Current software version and Upgrade software version boxes. If your machine requires the firmware update, click 'Start'.
    1. If the version number in the Current software version box is lower than the Upgrade software version box, click 'Start'.
    2. If the version number in the Current software version box is the same or higher than the Upgrade software version box, click 'Cancel'.

      CAUTION: Until the upgrade is completed, DO NOT turn off the printer, or disconnect the USB cable. If the printer is turned off or the USB cable is disconnected during the operation, the printer will be damaged.

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  2. The printer firmware upgrade starts. Wait until the upgrade is completed.

    The progress will be indicated in the dialog box as follows:
    Preparing for transferring. Please wait... -> Transferring data to the printer... -> Upgrading printer functions...

    - The upgrade will take about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the computer.

    - During the upgrade process, the printer LED blinks in orange.

    - Until the upgrade is completed, DO NOT turn off the printer, or disconnect the USB cable. If the printer is turned off or the USB cable is disconnected during the operation, the printer will be damaged.
  3. When the upgrade is complete, the following dialog box is displayed. Click OK.

  4. After confirming the message in the dialog box, click End to exit the Printer Upgrade Utility window.

  5. Press the <ON/OFF> button to turn off the printer.

    Note: For correct operation of the printer, turning the printer off and on again is necessary.
  6. The firmware is correctly upgraded.

    Note: If power is cut off during the MX850 upgrade process, the upgrade will not complete properly.
    If the printer does not operate normally even after powering the printer OFF then ON again, the upgrade may not have been successfully completed.
    In that case, perform the upgrade once again, from the beginning.

  7. Re-connect all the telephone lines and cables including the LAN cable, and set the Date/time setting.
    * Be sure to connect the telephone line from an external device (such as a telephone) to the jack marked telephone illustration, and the other line from the wall to the jack marked "L". If the lines are connected the other way around, they do not operate properly.
    * The Date/time setting may be reset to default. Set it properly.


If an error message is displayed during the upgrade process:

If an error occurs during the printer firmware upgrade process, the applicable error message is displayed. Follow the error message instruction to clear the error. Major error messages, causes, and their solutions are given in the table below.

Error message Cause Solution
This program does not support the operating system you are using. The upgrade was attempted under a non-supported OS. Perform the upgrade under the supported OS.
Classic is running.
Stop Classic and restart the utility.
The upgrade was attempted when Classic is active under Macintosh OS X. Stop Classic, then perform the upgrade under Macintosh OS X.
The printer driver may not be installed.
Install the printer driver, and then restart the utility.
The printer driver is not installed. Install the printer driver before starting the upgrade.
The printer cannot be found. Check the following items, and then restart the utility.
  • Check that the printer and the computer are connected correctly with a USB cable.
  • Check that the printer power is on.
  1. The printer is not connected to the computer via a USB cable.
  2. The printer is turned off.
  3. The downloaded file(s) is not for the printer software upgrade.
  4. A print job is being performed. (Windows only)
  1. Connect the printer and the computer, using a USB cable.
  2. Turn on the printer.
  3. Download the applicable files, and start the upgrade procedures from the beginning again.
  4. Wait until the print job finishes, and then perform the upgrade procedures.
More than one printer is connected. Make sure only one printer is connected with a USB cable, and then restart the utility. A printer other than the printer to be upgraded is connected to the computer. Connect only the applicable printer to the computer, and disconnect all other printers.

The printer status is abnormal.
Turn on the printer again, and then restart the utility.

  1. The upgrade was not performed properly.
  2. A print job is being performed. (Macintosh only)
  1. Turn off the printer, and turn it on again.
  2. Wait until the print job finishes, and then perform the upgrade procedures.

An error occurred during the printer function upgrade. Since the upgrade failed, the printer cannot be used in its current condition. Turn on the the printer power again, and then be sure to restart the utility.

  1. The printer has non-programmable firmware (Mask ROM) installed.
  2. The printer has been powered off, or the USB cable has been removed during upgrading.
  1. Check the software version of your printer to verify the upgrade is necessary.
  2. To clear the error and return your machine to normal operation, click [OK] and click [Exit] to quit the upgrade utility. Return your printer to its normal operating condition by pressing the ON/OFF button, waiting a few seconds, then pressing the ON/OFF button to turn the printer ON. After completing these steps, restart the upgrade utility and run the upgrade again. If you are unable to complete the upgrade or to get the printer returned to its normal condition, service may be required
    For support and service options, sign into (or create) your Canon Account from the link below.
    My Canon Account.




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