Compatible batteries for the PowerShot A480.

Article ID: ART103265 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


This camera uses AA-size alkaline batteries or Canon AA-size NiMH batteries (sold separately).

While it is possible to use AA-size nickel-cadmium batteries, performance is unreliable and their use is not recommended.


Why use NiMH batteries?

  • NiMH batteries last much longer than alkaline batteries, especially in cold weather.


  • Since the performance of alkaline batteries may differ according to brand, the operating time of the batteries you purchase may not be as long as the batteries that came with the camera.
  • When using the camera under low temperature conditions or over long periods, it is advisable to use of Canon AAsize NiMH batteries (sold separately). Camera operating time may shorten at low temperatures when alkaline batteries are used. Also due to their specifications, alkaline batteries may expire faster than NiMH batteries.
  • Never mix unused and partially used batteries. The partially used batteries may leak.
  • Do not install the batteries with their terminals (+and-) reversed.
  • Do not mix batteries of different types or from different manufacturers.
  • Before installing the batteries, wipe the battery terminals well with a dry cloth.If the battery terminals are soiled with oil from one's skin or other dirt, the number of recordable images may be considerably diminished, or the amount of time the camera can be used may be reduced.
  • At low temperatures, battery performance may be reduced and the low battery icon () may appear earlier than usual. Under these conditions, restore the battery performance by warming it in a pocket immediately before use.
  • Do not put the batteries into a pocket together with metallic items such as a key ring.The batteries may be short circuited.
  • When not using the camera for long periods, remove the batteries from the camera and store them separately.If the batteries are left inside the camera, the camera may become damaged from battery leakage.



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