Use a custom paper size (Windows) iP3600 / iP4600

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Use a Custom Paper Size (Windows)

You can print on paper sizes not listed in the Page Size drop-down menu (8" x 10" for example) by creating custom sizes in inches or millimeters.

  1. In the application you are printing from, access the printing preferences by clicking 'File" and then clicking 'Print'

    Note: When a Custom Paper Size has been selected, borderless printing cannot be performed.

  2. Make sure the printer that you are using is selected, and the 'Properties' or 'Preferences button.

  3. Click the Page Setup tab.

  4. Specify the 'Page Size' setting.

    (1) Select the 'Custom....'

    The Custom Paper Size dialog box opens.

    (2) Select size in millimeters (mm) or inches (in.).

    (3) Specify the 'Paper Size' by entering the values (Width and Height).

    Note: The printer can handle paper sizes in the range of:

    Minimum size:
    2.17 x 3.58 inches / 55.0 x 91.0 mm (Rear Tray)
    5.83 x 8.27 inches / 148.0 x 210.0 mm (Cassette)

    Maximum size:
    8.50 x 26.61 inches / 215.9 x 676.0 mm (Rear Tray)
    8.50 x 11.69 inches / 215.9 x 297.0 mm (Cassette)

  5. Click 'OK'.

  6. Click 'OK' in the Page Setup tab.

  7. Click 'Print' in the Print dialog box. Printing will now begin.



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