Adjusting the focus on a XH A1S or XH G1S camcorder

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Adjusting the focus on a XH A1S or XH G1S camcorder


Adjusting the Focus


Autofocus is set when the focus selector on the lens is set to AF. The camcorder uses TTL autofocus system with a focusing range of 0.8 in. (2 cm) (at wide-angle from the front of the lens barrel) to infinity. The camcorder focuses on the subject in the center of the screen.

Temporary Focus Override

Turn the focus ring during autofocus to focus manually. Autofocus will resume as soon as you take your hand away from the focus ring.

  • When recording under bright conditions, the camcorder sets a small aperture value, and the picture may appear blurred. This may be more noticeable at wide-angle. When you are using a lens with built-in ND filter, turn it on/off according to the screen display.
  • When recording under dark conditions, the focusing range narrows and the picture may appear blurred.
  • In 30F and 24F mode, autofocus takes longer than in the 60i mode.
  • Autofocus may not work well on the following subjects. In such case, focus manually.
    - Reflective surfaces
    - Subjects with low contrast or without vertical lines
    - Fast moving subjects
    - Through dirty or wet windows
    - Night scenes

Manual focus

  1. Set the focus mode switch to "M".
    "MF" is displayed on screen.

  2. Zoom into telephoto.

  3. Rotate the focus ring to adjust the focus.
    With the customized functions you can change the direction of the adjustment when you turn to focus ring and it's response sensitivity.

  4. Operate the zoom to reframe the subject.
    If you focus manually then leave the camcorder with the power turned on, you may lose focus on your subject. This possible slight shift in focus is due to a rise in temperature in the camcorder interior and lens. Check the focus before resuming shooting.

Temporary Autofocus

During manual focus press the Push AF switch hold it. Autofocus is activated as long as you hold the Push AF switch.

Focus Preset

This function enables a focus setting to be memorized and to return to the focus setting instantly. You can also select the speed with which the camcorder returns to the preset focus setting.

Presetting the Focus

  1. Set the focus selector to M.
    "MF" appears in the viewfinder.

  2. Set the POSITION PRESET switch to FOCUS.
    The focus prest speed currently selected appears.

  3. Adjust the focus with the focus ring.

  4. Move the POSITION PRESET ON/SET switch to SET.
    "MF" and the focus preset speed appear in yellow.

Setting the Focus Preset Speed

Open the menu and select [CAMERA SETUP]. Select [F SPEED PSET], select a setting option and close the menu.
4 is the fastest speed; 1 is the slowest.

Returning to the Preset Focus Setting

Move the POSITION PRESET ON/SET switch to ON.
The camcorder returns to the preset focus setting.


While recording or in record pause, press the PEAKING button.

  • The outlines of the subject will be emphasized.
  • Press the button again to cancel the function.


In record pause, press the MAGN. button.

  • The central part of the screen will be magnified approximately 2x.
  • Press the button again to cancel the function.
  • The Peaking and Magnifying functions will not affect your recordings. However, the magnified picture will be output as is to the HD/SD SDI terminal (XH G1 only) as well as the HDV/DV terminal.
  • The Magnifying function will be cancelled as you start recording.
  • You can use the custom keys to prevent the accidental operation of the MAGN. button. With the customized functions you can also change the operation of the MAGN. button to a normal or long press.



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