Procedure for creating custom My Camera settings PowerShot SD880 IS. and SD990 IS

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Procedure for creating custom My Camera settings PowerShot SD880 IS and SD990 IS.


Registering My Camera Settings

Images recorded onto the SD card and newly recorded sounds can be added as My Camera settings to the [] and [] menu items. You can also use the supplied software to upload your computer's images and sounds to the camera.

The following menu items can be saved to the camera.

  • Start-up Image
  • Start-up Sound
  • Operation Sound
  • Selftimer Sound
  • Shutter Sound

Registering SD Card Images and Sounds

1. Turn on the camera.

2. Slide the mode switch to (Playback).

3. Press the <MENU> button. The [(Playback)] menu appears.

4. Select the [(My Camera)] menu using the button.

5. Select the menu item you wish to register using the or button.

- Select [Theme] to set all to the same theme settings.

The following instructions provide the procedure for Registering images and sounds recorded on the camera as My Camera Settings items.

6. Select or using the or button. appears.

7. Press the <DISP.> button. An image appears.

For [Start-up Image] use Steps 8a and 9a.

For [Start-up Sound], [Shutter Sound], and [Selftimer Sound] use Steps 8b and 9b.

8a. Select the image you wish to register using the or button.

9a. Press the <FUNC./SET> button.

8b. Select [(Record)] using the or button and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • Recording starts.
  • Recording stops when the set amount of time has passed. Start-up Sound: 1 second, Operation Sound: 0.3 second, Selftimer Sound: 2 seconds, Shutter Sound: 0.3 second.

9b. Select [(Register)] using the or button.

10. Select [OK] using the or button and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

  • Sounds recorded with the movie and sound memo functions cannot be added as My Camera settings.
  • When you register new My Camera settings, the previously registered settings are erased.

File Format of My Camera Settings

My Camera settings should conform to the below file formats. However, SD card images shot with this camera can be registered as My Camera settings regardless of the below formats.

Start-up Image

Recording image format JPEG (Base line JPEG)
Sampling rate 4:2:0 or 4:2:2
Image size 320 x 240 pixels
File capacity 20 KB or less

Start-up Sound, Operation Sound, Selftimer Sound and Shutter Sound

Recording format WAVE (monaural)
Quantization bit 8 bit
Sampling frequency 11.025 kHz and 8.000 kHz

Recording time

Sampling frequency

11.025 kHz

8.000 kHz

Start-up Sound 1.0 sec. or less 1.3 sec. or less
Operation Sound 0.3 sec. or less 0.4 sec. or less
Selftimer Sound 2.0 sec. or less 2.0 sec. or less
Shutter Sound 0.3 sec. or less 0.4 sec. or less

Any file format other than those described above cannot be used with this camera.

An example of this function is to record "Say cheese" as the selftimer sound so the camera will replay this sound 2 seconds before the photo is taken. You could also record cheerful music to bring out the natural smiles of your subjects, or so they can strike a pose fitting the music. In these ways you can customize your camera by creating and adding new My Camera settings.

See the Software Starter Guide supplied with the camera for more information on creating and adding to the My Camera Settings files.



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