Using Focus Check with the PowerShot SX10 IS.

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Checking Focus on images in review.

You may need more accurate focusing for portrait photography, macro shooting for subjects that are right nearby, and zoom shooting for subjects that are far away.

With the model you are using, you can check the focus of images taken and display them magnified on the camera monitor.

To select an item displayed on the camera's LCD monitor, press the camera's buttons (right, left, up, and down). To finalize the selection, press the <FUNC./SET> button .

  • The screens and settings displayed may differ according to the model being used.
  • As the actual locations of buttons / switches on cameras vary depending on the camera model, the illustrations that appear on this page may differ from your camera.
  • When the shooting mode is set to <Movie> (), [Review] and [Review Info] cannot be set.
  • When the shooting mode is set to [Stitch Assist] () under <SCN> (), [Review Info] cannot be set.

1. Select a shooting mode other than <Movie> () or [Stitch Assist] () under <SCN> (), and then turn on the power of the camera.

2. Press the <MENU> () button.

3. The following screen appears on the LCD monitor.

Select [Rec.] () Menu.

Set [Review] to [Hold].

Set [Review Info] to [Focus Check].

After making these settings, press the <MENU> () button.

4. Shoot images of a subject with the camera.

5. The following window appears.

The area shown in the orange frame is shown magnified in the bottom right part of the screen .

The position where the image was in focus when it was taken appears in the upper left part of the screen.

6. If you rotate the <Zoom Lever> toward the zoom end (), the following window appears.

You can change the display magnification using the <Zoom Lever>.

The orange frame moves if you press the camera's buttons right, left, up, and down.

For portrait photography, we recommend checking focus on the subject's eye or nose, whichever is nearer the camera, or another part that is sharply defined.

7. If more than one white frame appears, the display at the bottom right switches each time you press the <FUNC./SET> () button.

Press the <Shutter Button> halfway to return to shooting mode.

When shooting next time, the screen to check the focus appears, as shown above. On the screen for checking the focus, the display switches between [Detailed] and [Off] if you press the <DISP.> () button . If the camera returns to shooting mode while set to [Detail] or [Off], you need to make the camera settings (steps 2 and 3) again.



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