Check Transport Cleaning Cards

Article ID: ART103643 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Check Transport Cleaning Cards


Check Transport Cleaning Cards, Item #1376V006 (carton contains 15 cleaning cards).

These new cleaning cards use Waffletechnology (TM), which dramatically outperforms normal flat cleaning cards. Waffletechnology (TM) cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces, allowing the cards tor each the frontside and backside reader glass, rollers, MICR read head, and pathways within the Canon CR-series Check Transports more efficiently than flat cards. These cleaning cards will remove endorsement ink residue, paper flash, dust, and other debris.

Regular cleaning not only maintains high image quality, but also helps to improve the reliability and extend the useful life of the CR-series Check Transport. These new Waffletechnology (TM) cleaning cards are simple and easy to use, offering Canon customers an excellent way to perform preventative maintenance quickly and more efficiently.



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