Explanation of Program mode PowerShot G10.

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Explanation of Program mode PowerShot G10.


P Program AE

Use the Program AE mode to have the camera automatically set the shutter speed and aperture value to match the brightness of the scene.

1. Turn the shooting mode dial to <P>.

2. Shoot the image.

  • The shutter speed and aperture value will be set automatically and shown on the display panel. The shutter speed and aperture will also be displayed on the LCD Monitor if the monitor is on.
  • The correct exposure has been set if the shutter speed and aperture value show in white.
  • If a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the shutter speed and aperture value show in red on the LCD monitor. Use the following methods to obtain the correct exposure and make them show in white.
    • Use the flash.
    • Change the ISO speed setting.
    • Change the light metering mode.
    • Set the [ND Filter] to on.
  • You can change the automatically selected combinations of shutter speeds and aperture values without altering the exposure using the following procedure:
    1. Turn the mode dial to P, Tv or Av.
    2. Focus on the subject on which you wish to lock the exposure. Press the shutter button halfway.

    In Tv and Av modes, the Safety Shift function works if [Safety Shift] is set to [On]

    3. Press the <*> button. The exposure setting will lock and the icon will appear on the LCD monitor.
    4. Turn the main dial until the desired shutter speed or aperture value is reached.
    5. Recompose the image and shoot. The setting will cancel after the shot is taken.

Differences and Similarities between the P and Modes.

  • modes automatically select the shutter speed and aperture value.
  • The following settings can be adjusted in P mode, but not in mode.

Exposure Compensation

White Balance

ISO Speed

Flash (Flash on, Slow Synchro, 2nd-curtain)

Photo Effects

Continuous Shooting

Light Metering Mode

Manual Focus

Flash Exposure Compensation

Bracket Mode

AF Frame Selection

AE Lock

ND Filter

FE Lock

Super Macro Mode

File Format Settings



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