Procedure for adjusting the zoom PowerShot G10.

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Procedure for adjusting the zoom PowerShot G10.


Using the Zoom (Focal Length)

The zoom can be adjusted from 28 to 140 mm (equivalent to 35mm film format). The zoom bar appears when you press the zoom lever.

Telephoto/Wide Angle
Turning the zoom lever toward magnifies the subject (telephoto). Turning the zoom lever toward decreases the size of the subject (wide angle). The zoom bar appears on the LCD monitor during the zoom operation (as seen below.)

Digital Zoom

An image already zoomed with the optical zoom lens can be further zoomed digitally up to an approximate total factor of 20x. The zoom factor displays after the zoom operation. You can also set the Digital Zoom factor to either 1.7x or 2.2x through use of the Digital Tele-Converter. Digital zoom is then fixed at the selected zoom factor, and the focal length shifts to the telephoto end. This enables a faster shutter speed and less chance of camera shake than a shot taken at the same angle of view with [Standard] or [Off]. See chart below for focal length equivalent.


Focal Length Equivalent

Standard (Optical and Digital Zoom combined.

28 - 560 mm

Off (Standard no Digital Zoom).

28 - 140 mm

1.7x Digital Tele-Converter

47.6 - 238 mm

2.2x Digital Tele-Converter

61.6 - 308 mm

1. In the Shooting Menu select [Digital Zoom].

2. Choose which settings that are to be used.

3. Press the zoom lever toward and shoot the image.

  • The combined digital and optical zoom setting will display in the LCD monitor.
  • The image may appear coarse depending upon the selected recording pixels (zoom factor appears in blue).
  • Press the zoom lever toward to zoom out.

Digital Tele-Converter

The digital tele-converter feature uses digital zoom to achieve the effects of a tele-conveter (lens used for telephoto shooting).

1. Select [Digital Zoom].

2. Choose which tele-conveter settings to use using the or button to select [1.7x] or [2.2x] and press the <MENU> button.

3. Adjust the angle of view with the zoom lever and shoot.

- appears on the LCD monitor.

- Depending on the number of recording pixels set, image quality may deteriorate ( and the zoom factor appears in blue).

  • The digital zoom cannot be used in the (Stitch Assist), (Widescreen) or in these SCN (Scene Modes) as follows: (ISO 3200), (Color Accent) or (Color Swap).
  • Digital zoom cannot be used when the RAW file format is being used.
  • The Digital Tele-Converter cannot be used in the (Movie) mode.
  • Digital Zoom cannot be used when the LCD monitor is turned off.
The more the image is zoomed digitally, the coarser its image quality becomes.



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