Using the Image Stabilizer PowerShot G10.

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Using the Image Stabilizer PowerShot G10.


Image Stabilizer Function

The image stabilizer function allows you to minimize the camera shake effect (blurred images) when you shoot distant subjects that have been magnified or when you shoot in dark conditions. This function's default setting is [On].

  1. From the [ (Rec.)] menu, select [IS Mode], and press or button. [Continuous], [Off], [Shoot Only] and [Panning] can be selected.

Continuous Image stabilization is always active.
Shoot Only Image stabilization is active when the shutter button is pressed all the way down.
Panning Image stabilization is active when the camera shakes vertically (up and down).

The following icons appear on the LCD monitor (or viewfinder) if it is set to Information View display.


Shoot Only] [Panning]

Standard Shooting

Select when the separately sold teleconverter lens is mounted.

Select when the separately sold wide angle lens is mounted.

2. Press the <MENU> button.

  • Camera shake may not be fully corrected when shooting with slow shutter speeds with such shooting scenes as evening shots. In this case, affix the camera to a tripod.
  • If camera shake is too strong, it may not be fully corrected.
  • [Panning] is recommended for use when shooting while moving the camera horizontally.
  • Hold the camera horizontally while panning (stabilization does not work when the camera is held vertically).



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