Setting and Using the Shortcut Button - PowerShot G10.

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Setting and Using the Shortcut Button - PowerShot G10.


Registering Settings to the Shortcut Button - PowerShot G10

One frequently used function can be registered to the (Shortcut) button.

You can register the following functions. However, not all functions can be registered depending on the shooting mode.

Not Assigned

ND Filter

White Balance

Manual White Balance, WB1, WB2

Red-Eye Corr.

Digital Tele-converter


AF Lock

Display Off

Registering a Function

1. Turn on the camera in shooting mode and press the <MENU> button.

2. Select [Set Shortcut button] from the [ (Rec.)] menu and press the <FUNC./SET> button.
3. Use the , , , or button to select the function you wish to register and press the <FUNC./SET> button.

If an "x" mark appears on the lower right of the icon, you can still register this function but the current shooting mode will be retained and pressing the shortcut button will not activate the function.

- Settings can also be made by turning the multi control dial.

Using the Shortcut Button

  1. Press the button.

    The registered function is activated and its icon appears on the LCD monitor or viewfinder.
  • Each press of the button cycles between setting values of the registered function.
  • Functions that are not available in the current shooting mode will not appear even if they are registered. Select a compatible shooting mode and press the button again.



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