Setting Auto ISO Shift / Changing the ISO speed with one touch using the PowerShot SX1 IS and SX10 IS.

Article ID: ART104124 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Setting Auto ISO Shift / Changing the ISO Speed with One Touch.

If the camera shake warning icon ( ) displays while shooting, you can raise the ISO speed simply by pressing the button to record at a shutter speed that avoids the effects of camera shake.

1. Power the camera on in the (Record) mode, press the <MENU> button and select [Auto ISO Shift] and set the feature to [On].

2. Press the shutter button halfway.

  • If the (Camera Shake) warning appears the (short-cut) button will light in blue.

3. Press the (short-cut) button while holding the shutter button down halfway. When the (short-cut) button lights up, press the shutter button down all of the way.

  • With the shutter button pressed halfway, pressing the (short-cut) button again returns the ISO speed to the original setting.
  • If you set the AE Lock after raising the ISO speed, the (short-cut) button will continue to light blue until you release the AE Lock, even if you release the shutter button.
  • The Auto ISO Shift does not work with , , , in Long Shutter mode, or with the flash.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions, the camera shake warning icon () may not disappear even when the ISO speed is elevated.



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