How to perform Sound-Only recording on the PowerShot SX10 IS.

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How to perform Sound-Only recording on the PowerShot SX10 IS.


Sound-Only Recording (Sound Recorder)

In the Playback mode you can record a continuous sound memo for up to approximately 2 hours without taking a picture.

1. Power the camera on in the (Playback) mode, press the <MENU> button and choose the [Sound Recorder] menu option.

2. Select (Record) and press the <SET> button.

  • The elapsed recording time displays.
  • You can use the or buttons to change the sampling rate. The recording quality rises progressively as you select [11.025 kHz], [22.050 kHz] or [44.100 kHz]*, but the recorded file sizes increase correspondingly.
  • Press the <SET> button to stop the recording session. Pressing the button again starts a new recording session.
Play (Use the or button to select a sound memo and then press the <SET> button.)
Rewind (Holding down the <SET> button rewinds. The sound memo cannot be heard while rewinding.)
Fast Forward (Holding down the <SET> button fast fowards the sound clip. The sound memo cannot be heard while fast forwarding.)
Erase Select [Erase] or [Erase All] in the confirmation screen and press the <SET> button.
Protect (Protects the sound memo so that it cannot be mistakenly erased. Use the <SET> button to set/cancel protection.)
Volume (You can use the or button to adjust the volume.)

Sound Size

2 GB

8 GB

11.025 kHz

44 KB/sec.

12 hrs. 41 min. 18 sec.

50 hrs. 41 min. 53 sec.

22.050 kHz

88 KB/sec.

6 hrs, 20 min. 39 sec.

25 hrs. 20 min. 57 sec.

44.100 kHz

176 KB/sec.

3 hrs. 10 min. 19 sec.

12 hrs. 40 min. 28 sec.

  • Sound Recorded Data Rates and Recording Durations are estimated.
  • Recording will automatically stop when a memory card is full.
  • Sound files will download to the computer using ZoomBrowser (Windows) or ImageBrowser (Mac OS), along with any images.



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