How to load and print on sheet paper - (Load From front) iPF605

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How to load and print on sheet paper - iPF605


Loading and Printing on Sheets in the Paper Feed Slot (Manual feed from the front) (iPF605)

These are the basic steps for loading sheets in the paper feed slot and then printing from this slot.
Follow the steps below to load and print on sheets in the paper feed slot.
- You can load only one sheet of paper at a time.
1. Turn the printer on.
2. Complete settings in the printer driver for the type and size of paper and other details.
3. Send the print job.
4. If Leave 70cm (28") space behind printer. is displayed, check the space behind the printer, lift the four Front Tray Guides on the Ejection Guide, and then press the OK button.
5. After Open Upper Cover is displayed, open the Top Cover .
6. With the sheet printing-side up, place the leading edge on the Front Tray Guides and keep it flat as you insert it into the Front Paper Feed Slot.
7. As you look inside the Top Cover, insert the leading edge of the paper between the Platen and Paper Retainer (a), keeping it parallel to the Paper Retainer (a), and align the paper with the Paper Alignment Line (b) of the Front Tray Guides.
8. Close top cover. is displayed. At this point, close the Top Cover and press the OK button.
After the paper is advanced and the printer goes online, printing starts automatically.
9. After printing, the printer will temporarily stop advancing the paper while the trailing edge is still in the rollers to prevent the sheet from dropping. Press the Load/Eject button to release the sheet. After pulling it straight out, press the OK button.
10. Lift the four Front Tray Guides on the Ejection Guide to store them toward the front, and then press the OK button.



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