Ink tank replacement or installation - iPF605

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Ink tank replacement or installation - iPF605


Replacing Ink Tanks (iPF605)

1. Press the Menu button to display MAIN MENU .
2. Press or to select Rep. Ink Tank , and then press the button.
3. Press or to select Yes , and then press the OK button.
A message on the Display Screen advises you to open the Ink Tank Cover . Next, remove the Ink Tank .
4. Open the Ink Tank Cover and check the Ink Lamp .
The Ink Lamp flashes quickly if there is no ink left.
5. Press the tip of the Ink Tank Lock Lever of the color for replacement and lift the Ink Tank Lock Lever to open it.
6. Hold the empty Ink Tank by the grip to remove it, and press the OK button.
*If there is still some ink left in the Ink Tank you removed, store the ink tank with the ink holes facing up. Otherwise, ink may leak and cause stains. Put the Ink Tank in a plastic bag and seal it.
7. Before opening the pouch, shake the Ink Tank gently seven or eight times. Agitate the ink in the Ink Tank by slowly turning the Ink Tank upside-down and right side up several times.
8. Open the pouch and remove the Ink Tank .
9. Press the OK button and insert the Ink Tank into the holder facing as shown in the figure, with the ink holes down.
10. Close the Ink Tank Lock Lever until it clicks.
11. Make sure the Ink Lamp is lit in red.
12. Close the Ink Tank Cover .



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