Tips on how to hold the camcorder properly

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Tips on how to hold the camcorder properly


If you record a moving subject while running after it, or record a subject while in an unstable position, your recorded images might be out of focus or blurred due to excessive movement. It is advisable to stabilize the camcorder for the better recording. This section describes how to hold the camcorder.

Adjusting the grip belt

Adjust the grip belt before holding the camcorder. Fasten the grip belt so that you can reach the zoom lever with your index finger, and the start/stop button with your thumb.

Holding the camcorder

  1. Grip the camcorder firmly in your right hand and keep your right elbow pressed lightly against your body.
  2. Support the camcorder with your left hand.
  3. Stand on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart to stabilize your balance.
  4. Record the subject while looking at the camcorder screen.
    - You can support the LCD with your left hand to stabilize the camcorder.

Select the method that makes it easiest for you to record.

Holding the camcorder depending on the situation.

Depending on the situation, stabilize the camcorder by changing your position or by using the things around you. Rotate the LCD panel of the camcorder and look at your subject and the LCD.

Kneel on one knee

Lean against a wall or a tree

Put the camcorder on a table or a chair


Do not leave the viewfinder exposed to direct sunlight, as it may melt due to concentration of the light by the lens. Be careful not to leave the viewfinder exposed to direct sunlight.

Using a Tripod

You can record more stable images if you use a tripod. Camcorder tripods with level gauges can accurately adjust horizontal level. If you will only be using it to stabilize the camcorder, even the mini tripods used for digital cameras will do.

Canon does not sell camcorder tripods. It is advisable to use a commercially available tripod depending on the camcorder model being used.

Do not use tripods with fastening screws longer than 5.5mm, as they may damage the camcorder. The camcorder cannot be mounted on tripods with fixed camera positioning pins.



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