Preparations for initial setup of the VB-C10 / VB-C10R

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Preparations for initial setup of the VB-C10 / VB-C10R


Once the initial setup has been completed and operation has been verified, the VB-C10/VB-C10R can be used immediately. The diagram below shows an example of P2P connection between the VB-C10/VB-C10R and a PC.

Installation Procedure

1. As shown in the diagram above, the VB-C10/VB-C10R is connected to a PC via a hub and LAN cables (10Base-T/100Base-TX).

At this stage, please do not connect the AC adapter to the VB-C10/VB-C10R yet.

2. Perform initial settings on the VB-C10/VB-C10R.

3. Check operation

Check to be sure Internet Explorer 4.01 or later has been installed.

Initial Setup

1. Turn on the PC's power switch.

The AC adapter must not yet be connected to the VB-C10/VB-C10R at this stage.

2. Insert the CD-ROM that was supplied with the VB-C10/VB-C10R into the PC's CD-ROM drive, and start up the "VBIPI.exe" program as follows:

1 Double-click My Computer on the desktop.

When using Windows XP, click on the "Start" button, then click "My Computer".

2 When the CD-ROM icon appears, double-click this icon, then double-click "VBIPI.exe".

3. When the "VB-C10/VB-C10R IP Installer" dialog box appears, connect the AC adapter to the VB-C10/VB-C10R and turn on the power.

See "Turning the Power ON and OFF" for how to turn on power to the VB-C10/VBC10R.

4. The VB-C10/VB-C10R's MAC address and the currently set IP address are displayed in the "VB-C10/VB-C10R IP Installer" dialog box.

Select a MAC address by clicking on it, then click the "Setup IP Address..." button.


  • The MAC address for this unit is shown on the bottom of the VB-C10/VB-C10R
  • The IP address is used as the factory default setting. Please set an IP address that suits the environment in which the VB-C10/VB-C10R is to be used.
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 or later is required for the IP Installer operating environment.

5. When the "Setup IP Address" dialog box appears, enter the new IP address, user name, and password. Then click the "OK" button.

New IP address:

User name: root

Password: VB-C10 (default setting)

  • The user name cannot be changed.
  • The factory default password for the VB-C10 and the VB-C10R is "VB-C10".
  • The password can be changed at any time on the System/Network settings

6. The IP address that was set is displayed.

When the IP address is successfully set, it is displayed in the "VB-C10/VB-C10R IP Installer" dialog box.

Click "Exit" to exit "VBIPI.exe."


  • The IP address "" is given as an example. However, the actual IP address must be changed to match your system settings.
  • Be careful to distinguish between lower-case and upper-case letters in order to accurately enter the user name and password.
  • The user name is fixed at "root" for the VB-C10 and VB-C10R. It cannot be changed.
  • For reasons of system security, we recommend that you change the administrator password at regular intervals.
  • If network setting values are not known, please consult with the network administrator.
  • To cancel an IP address setting, click the "Cancel" button in the "Setup IP Address" dialog box.

7. Follow steps 1 - 3 below to launch the browser and enter your user name and password.

1 Launch the browser and enter the following URL:

2 Enter the user name and password.

User name: root

Password: VB-C10 (default setting)

3 The settings title page is displayed.

Initial settings are now complete.



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