How to access the Settings Title Page for the VB-C50i / VB-C50iR

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How to access the Settings Title Page for the VB-C50i / VB-C50iR


What Can I Do on Each of the Settings Pages?

Proceed to each of the settings pages from the Settings Title Page where you can perform various settings for the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR. The settings you can perform on each of the pages are shown below. For more details, see the reference pages.

  • System and network - For setting administrator passwords and networks (Ethernet, network connection function)
  • Camera and Video - For setting video capture (image size and quality etc.), camera control (shutter speed, focus, home position and view restriction etc.), camera names
  • Preset - For setting Presets (best shot angle) and Preset Tour
  • Server - For setting maximum number of clients, maximum connection time, restricting service time and HTTP, camera and audio servers
  • Access Control - For setting authorized user accounts and authorized/restricted host specification
  • Date and time - For setting current camera time display, new camera time and time zone
  • Miscellaneous - For setting DNS (name server address), mail addresses for sending recorded pictures, external devices such as sensor and audio functions and LED
  • Administration Tools - For setting use of on-board file system/display of available capacity, display of recorded picture status and deletion of recorded pictures, miscellaneous (display of event log and current settings, restart, return to factory default settings)

Accessing the Settings Title Page

The various settings on the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR are specified by using a browser to access Web pages on the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR. To begin with, access the Settings Title Page.


This manual uses the IP address (the factory default setting) below as an example to describe the detail settings. Please enter the actual IP address that is set in your VB-C50i/VB-C50iR.

1. Use the browser to access

Enter the IP address which you set up in "Perform initial settings for the camera"

2. Enter the user name and password.

In the factory default settings, the user name is "root" and the password is "VB-C50i"

* The password for the VB-C50i and the VB-C50iR is "VB-C50i". Be sure to change the password on the System and Network settings page

The Setting Title Page appears.

Settings Title Page

From the Settings Title Page, you can move to each settings page, confirm the settings after changing, and save the changes to the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR's memory or restart.

1 "Back to top" button - Click "Back to top" to move to the top page of the camera server.

2 "Japanese" or "English" button - Click this display to show the settings page in Japanese. The display then changes to "English" and when clicked, switches back to the English settings page.

3 "Save Setting" or "Save Setting and Reboot" button - Make changes on any of the pages, click the "OK" button and return to the Settings Title Page. At this stage, however, changes to the settings have not yet been sent to the VB-C50i/ VB-C50iR. Click the "Save Setting" button and the changes are confirmed and sent to the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR. Where it is necessary to restart the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR to make the change,the "Save Setting and Reboot" button is displayed. Where the setting values have not been changed, these 2 buttons are not displayed.

4 "Restore to the previous Setting" button - Click if you want to discard the changes you have made to the settings on each page. All changes are cancelled and return to the values before you made the change.

5 Each of the settings page titles - Click to move to each settings page.


  • Do not open multiple browser windows at the same time to change settings in parallel.
  • Do not use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons in your browser to move between settings pages. Due to the effects of caching, there are possibilities that an old settings page will appear, settings will return to their original values, or unintended changes will occur.
  • When you change the settings, you should always click the "Save Setting", or the "Save Setting and Reboot" button.


  • When using the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR to record pictures, all recorded still pictures are deleted when the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR is rebooted.
  • Those settings that require the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR to be restarted for the changes to take effect are marked with a red mark.

You can perform the following settings with System and Network.

  • Root Account: For setting up passwords.
  • Ethernet: For setting up IP addresses and other settings necessary for connection to the network.
  • Connection Keeping: For setting up the function whereby packets are periodically transmitted and there is automatic dial-up by the router so that the connection with the network is not broken.

When you have made changes to the settings, click the "OK" button to return to the Settings Title Page. If you do not make any changes, click the "Cancel" button.

Root Account

1 "Password" - Sets the password. Up to 8 ASCII characters can be used (spaces or printable characters). The default setting is "VB-C50i".

2 "Confirm Password" - Confirms the password in the field above.


  • For reasons of system security, You must change the administrator password. However, be sure to remember the password so that you do not forget it.
  • If you have forgotten the password, press the Reset switch and restore the factory default settings However, note that all settings are returned to the factory default settings.


1 "Address Setting Method" - Select an address setting method from "Auto setting (DHCP)" or "Manual setting". If you select "Auto setting (DHCP)", you can use the values automatically obtained from the DHCP server for "IP Address", "Subnet Mask" and "Default Gateway Address". If you select "Manual Setting", directly enter values which suit your environment.

2 "IP Address" - Enter a network interface-specific IP address.

3 "Subnet Mask" - Enter the subnet mask specified for the network to be connected.

4 "Default Gateway Address" - Set this item when you want to connect to a different segment within the Intranet or a wide area network such as the Internet.

5 "Maximum Transmission Unit" - Enter the maximum transmission unit size to be sent at one time. There is normally no need to change this from 1500.

If you are using ADSL, you may experience increased data transmission efficiency if you slightly lower the value of the setting. When you are using Ethernet, maintain the value at 1500.


  • Contact the network administrator for the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway address settings.
  • Take particular care with the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway address and route settings. If errors are found in any of these items, you may be completely unable to access the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR via Ethernet and it may only be possible to recover the problem by using the Initial Setup Tool to correct the error.

Connection Keeping

1 "Send packet regularly" - Check to enable this function.

2 "Target IP Address" - Specify where the packet should be sent.

3 "Interval (min.)" - Specify the interval at which a packet should be sent from 1 to 60 (min.).

Setting Camera Control, Image Size and Quality (Camera and Video)

You can perform the following settings with Camera and Video.

  • Video Capture: For setting image size and quality.
  • Camera Control: For setting the camera shutter speed, focus, home position and view restrictions.
  • Camera Names: Enter camera names. A camera name is required when you use an external camera or the VK-64.

When you have made changes to the settings, click the "OK" button to return to the Settings Title Page. If you do not make any changes, click the "Cancel" button.

Video Capture

1 "Video Capture Size" - Select an image size for "Video Transmission", "Motion Detection" and "Picture Recording".

For "Motion Detection", select either "Medium Size" or "Small Size" as the image size.

*Please confirm whether your VB-C50i/VB-C50iR is PAL model or NTSC model.

Large Size: 640 x 480 (NTSC), 768 x 576 (PAL)

Medium Size: 320 x 240 (NTSC), 384 x 288 (PAL)

Small Size: 160 x 120 (NTSC), 192 x 144 (PAL)

2 "Video Quality (Q-Factor)" - Select a value from 10-100 (in 10 levels) for Small and Medium Size, 10-90 (in 9 levels) for Large Size. The greater the value, the better the quality. However, since data size will also be larger, higher-quality pictures may lower the frame rate. Also, if you select "Not used", you cannot set that size in "Video Capture Size".

3 "Use External Video Input" - You can use an external video input connected to the Multi-Terminal Module (VB-EX50) with the switching method

Camera Control

1 "Shutter speed" - Sets the camera shutter speed.

2 "Focus Mode" - Sets the focusing mode for the camera.


If dust or rain adheres to the dome, focusing may occur on the dome wall. Please place the dome wall and the camera as closely together as possible when using.

3 "Home Position" - This is the standard camera position. When this is specified, the camera angle is moved to its home position if there is no request for control privileges.

"Pan" - Sets the pan position of the camera.

"Tilt" - Sets the tilt position of the camera.

"Zoom" - Sets the value for the camera's angle of zoom.

"Brightness" - Sets the target value for the camera's auto exposure feature. Select "Brighter" if the picture is too dark due to backlight or other factors. "Return to Home Position when nobody has a control privilege" The camera is moved to its home position if there is no request for a control privilege.


Do not attempt to manually change the camera head angle. If the camera head is accidentally moved by hand or other objects touching it, be sure to restart the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR by turning the power supply OFF then ON again.

Tip: The operating range of the camera heads on the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR is shown below.

4 "Apply View Restriction" - If you check the "Apply View Restriction" option, the settings below are enabled. Use this setting to prevent clients from seeing certain camera angles. Using the VB Administration Tools is a convenient way to set the view restrictions

"Upper value, Lower value, Left value, Right value" - Sets the extent of the field of view provided to users. (Specify settings so that the upper value is greater than the lower value and the left value is less than the right value.)

"Telephoto, Wide-angle" - Sets the zoom angles provided to users. (Specify settings so that the telephoto setting is less than or equal to the wide-angle setting.)

5 "Wide Converter" - When you have attached a wide converter to the camera, be sure to select "Used". This setting is only available for the VB-C50i.


  • Controllable range and shootable range are shown below.


  • Controllable range and shootable range are shown below.

If the visible range is exceeded because the zoom is set to wide range, the camera angle (pan, tilt) will be adjusted automatically.

  • If the visible range is restricted, the zooming range may also be restricted.
  • When a view restriction is set, areas outside the restrictions may be captured momentarily if the camera is controlled close to the restriction limits.

Camera Names

1 "Camera Name" - Used in the camera selection box on the viewers. This setting is required.



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