What the Log Viewer does in the VB-C50i / VB-C50iR software

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What the Log Viewer does in the VB-C50i / VB-C50iR software


The Log Viewer is a tool for downloading log files, and viewing and managing the operating status of the device. The Log Viewer provides monitoring of illegal access and a way of dealing with errors etc.


The Log Viewer is only for viewing logs. You cannot delete logs or download logs in file formats such as CSV with the Log Viewer.

Downloading Log Files

1. When Log Viewer is started up from the VBAdmin Startup Panel, it automatically retrieves the most recent log file and displays it. To retrieve a list of log files, choose Download from the File menu.
When the list is retrieved, a list of log files appears in the dialog box. Select the log file you want to view by clicking on it, then click the Download button and the selected file will be downloaded.

Viewing the Log

The following content is displayed in the log.

  • Code - The log displays error codes. For error codes, refer to Log Messages Error codes are displayed with one of 4 types of icons according to level.

  • Date & Time - The date and time when the log was generated is displayed.
  • Message - Log messages are displayed.

Saving a Log to a File/Opening a Saved File

You can save a displayed log to a file as well as view a previously saved log file.

To Save

1. Choose "Save" from the "File" menu bar.

To View

1. Choose "Open" from the "File" menu bar and select the log file you want to view.

Copying and searching a log

You can copy or search a displayed log.

To Copy...

1. Select the log you want to copy by clicking on it, then choose "Copy" from the "Edit" menu bar.

To Search...

1. Choose "Search" from the "Edit" menu bar, enter the character string you want to search and click the "Search" button.

Using Selection Criteria to Display Logs

Logs can be filtered according to error type, code, or date and time so that only the required information is displayed.

1. Choose Filter from the View menu.

2. The Filter dialog box appears.

Set the following selection criteria and click "OK" to display only the logs that match those criteria. If filtering is not required, click "Cancel".

Error Types

To filter by error type, check "Specify Type" or "Specify Code". Otherwise check "Not Specified".

  • Specify Type
    • Specifying the levels of the logs - From Error, Warning, and Information, select the error levels to be displayed.
    • Specifying the modules that output the logs -From Application, HTTP Server, System, and Driver, select the output source modules to be displayed.
  • Specify Code - Specify the error code of the logs. The error codes of the logs are compared to the characters that are entered and only logs with matching error codes will be displayed. For example, if "A0" is entered, logs whose error codes start with "A0" will be displayed.

[Date & Time]

  • Specify Start Date & Time - Logs generated after the specified date and time can be displayed by selecting this item and entering a date and time.
  • Specify End Date & Time - Logs generated before the specified date and time can be displayed by selecting this item and entering a date and time


  • There is no log message related to the driver in the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR.
  • "Application" and "System" correspond to the log messages list
  • Application: Log messages related to applications. These log messages refer to applications such as WebView, picture recording and audio.
  • System: Log messages related to the system



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