How to Start Up VB Administration Tools for the VB-C50FSi / VB-C50FS

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How to Start Up VB Administration Tools for the VB-C50FSi / VB-C50FS


Starting Up VB Administration Tools
1. Double-click the "VB Admin Tools" desktop icon or select "VB Admin Tools" from the "Start" menu.

Starting up from the desktop icon

Starting up from the "Start" menu

2. The Server Setting dialog box appears.

To use VB Administration Tools, it must first be connected to the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi. Enter the required information in the fields and click the "OK" button.

1. Host Name - Specify the IP address or host name of the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi.

2. Administrator Account - Enter the administrator account "root" for the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi.

3. Administrator Password - Enter the administrator password that has been set in the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi. (The default setting is "VB-C50i")

4. HTTP Port - Enter the HTTP port number that has been set in the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi. (The default setting is 80.)

5. URL for settings - Enter "admin" as the administrator URL. (This cannot be changed.)

6. Proxy - *Please consult with the network administrator for proxy settings.

  • "Use HTTP Proxy Server" - Check this item if connecting to the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi via a proxy server.
  • "Host Name" - Specify the host name or IP address of the proxy server.
  • "Port" - Enter the port number of the proxy server. (The default setting is 8080.)
  • "Load IE proxy information" - Click to automatically collect proxy server information set in Internet Explorer.

7. FTP - To use the Log Viewer of the VB Administration Tools, it is necessary to connect to the VBC50FSi/ VB-C50Fi using FTP to perform various settings. Select either "PASV mode" or "PORT mode".

  • "Use PASV mode" - Check this item if selecting the PASV mode. Normally, there is no need to change this setting. Clear the check box if using the PORT mode.
3. The VBAdmin Startup Panel starts up.

The five tools---"View Restriction Tool", "Preset Setting Tool", "Schedule Setting Tool", "Log Viewer" and "Admin Viewer"---can be started up from the Startup Panel by clicking on each button.

If the connection is broken after the VB Admin Startup Panel has started up, choose Connect from the File menu. The Server Setting dialog box then appears.


  • The View Restriction Tool, Preset Setting Tool and Schedule Setting Tool cannot be started up simultaneously. You can launch the Log Viewer and Admin Viewer at the same time.
  • If the connection to the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50Fi is made through a proxy server, the Log Viewer and Admin Viewer cannot be used.
  • If you have connected to network camera servers excluding the VB-C50FSi/VBC50Fi, some parts of the display of the VB Administration Tools start panel are

different from the above example.



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