How to setup a Normal schedule in the software for the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50

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How to setup a Normal schedule in the software for the VB-C50FSi/VB-C50FS


Normal Schedule

With Normal Schedule, you can set up a schedule of one week from Sunday to Saturday. For example, during the weekend when there is nobody in the office from 6:00pm on Friday to 9:00am on Monday, the Motion Detection service will operate each week during the period of time you have specified and automatically monitor the office.

Normal Schedule Display Screen

1. Schedule selection checkbox - Check to select the number of the schedule you want to set up. Up to 16 types of schedules can be set.

2. Schedule Name - Displays the name of the schedule you have selected.

3. Weekly Calendar - Displays the schedule by the day, start and end time.

4. Schedule track - The schedule track is the schedule as a graph on the calendar. Double-click to set services, start and end times, which are displayed by different colors according to the number of the schedule.

5. Schedule track setting details display - Displays the setting details of the schedule track dragged on the calendar.

Setting Up a Normal Schedule

1. With the Normal Schedule displayed, select an optional schedule number.

The schedule track for the number you have selected is displayed in the weekly calendar. At this stage, the correct start and end time and services are not set up in the schedule track.

2. Double-click the schedule track.

The Normal Schedule Settings dialog box appears. Enter settings for the schedule.

3. Enter the name of the schedule.

You can enter a maximum of 15 characters for the schedule name.

4. Display the Schedule tab and enter settings for the day of the week and start and end times.

Always: The schedule is effective at all times from

Sunday to Saturday.

Weekly: You can set the day and the time the schedule starts and ends (e.g. from 1:00pm on Monday to 7:00am on Tuesday).

Weekly on: You can set the same start time and end time for two or more days of the week (e.g. from 8:30am to 5:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Please note that there is a limit of 24 hours from the start time to the end time.


  • On Weekly setting, if you specify the same time and the same day in start and end time, end time will be the same time in the following week, and the schedule is applied to all time periods.
  • On Weekly setting, if you specify the same start and end time, the end time will be on the following day at the same time.
  • If you enter "24:00" as the start or end time, the time will be registered as "23:59". To set "24:00", enter "00:00" on the following day.
5. Display the Service tab and enter settings for the services you want to use.

Select the checkboxes for the services you want to use and select a setting number. Next click "Detail" to open the Service Setting Tool to set the content of the setting.

There are 5 types of services.

Timer Recording

Motion Detection

Night Mode

External Device Input

External Device Output

Once the settings for each schedule are completed, save the settings and close the Schedule Setting Tool.


  • You can register different settings for each setting number. The number of setting numbers you can register depends on the service.
  • The Service Setting screen can also be displayed by clicking the "Open" button on the toolbar for each service.
  • When settings for a service have been entered from the Service tab in the Schedule Setting screen, the selected setting number cannot be changed with the Service tab.
6. When you have completed setting the subschedule tracks, click "OK"button.

If you want to set two or more schedule tracks, select another number in the schedule selection checkbox, and enter similar settings.


  • An icon for the service you have set up appears in the schedule track in the calendar. However, where the schedule track is short, it may be that not all of icons are displayed.

The icons displayed for each service are as follows:

  • The days and start and end times set in the Schedule tab are shown by the position and length of a schedule track. You can change the position and length of the schedule track by directly dragging it with the mouse. However, the schedule track cannot display a period of time shorter than 10 minutes and therefore periods of time shorter than 10 minutes are also displayed as periods of 10 minutes.
  • You cannot set 2 schedules which have the same service with the same start and end time. If you try to do so, a warning message is displayed.

7. After setting all the schedule tracks, be sure to click "Save Settings" button to save the settings.


If you have set a Normal Schedule and a Special Schedule with the same start and end time, the Special Schedule will have priority over the Normal Schedule.



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