How to use the Depth-of-Field AE on the EOS 1D

Article ID: ART104833 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


How to use the Depth-of-Field AE on the EOS 1Ds


This mode is effective when you want a wide depth of field to keep everything in focus and far.

* DEP stands for "depth of field."

  • This mode will not work if the lens focus mode switch is set to <MF> (or <M>). First set the lens focus mode switch to <AF>.

Select <DEP> on the top LCD panel.

  • While pressing the <MODE> button, turn the <> dial to select <DEP>. Then let go of the <MODE> button

Specify the second subject you want in focus.

  • Focus the second desired subject. (6sec. )
  • The focus confirmation light <> and "DEP " is displayed.

Compose the picture, press the shutter button halfway and check the exposure setting, then take the picture.

  • The point of focus and aperture required to achieve the desired depth of field between the two dEP points are set automatically. The shutter speed is also set automatically to suit the brightness.
  • Before taking the picture, check that the shutter speed or aperture display is not blinking.



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