Product specification list iPF605

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Product specification list iPF605


Printer iPF605
Class 24-inch
Ink Type Dye and pigment reactive ink: BK, MBK x 2, C, M, Y
Maximum Print Resolution 2400x1200dpi
Dimensions, Weight (Net)
W x D x H (mm), (kg)
Main Unit 997 (W) x 670 (D) x 344 (H) mm
approx. 45 kg (printer, output tray, manual feed tray)
w/ stand 997 (W) x 870 (D) x 993 (H) mm
approx. 60 kg
(excluding consumables)
Dimensions, Weight (Packaged)
W x D x H (mm), (kg)
Main unit with palette  1140 (W) x 914 (D) x 645(H) mm ; approx. 69 kg 
1140 (W) x 914 (D) x 894 (H) mm ; approx. 91 kg (Printer Stand included)
Printer Stand  1115 (W) x 864 (D) x 237 (H) mm; approx. 22 kg 
Power Supply Input  power AC 100-120V(50/60Hz)、AC 220-240V(50/60Hz)
Power Consumption Operation: 100 W or less 
Standby power consumption 100 V - 120V 5 W or less (10 W or less when IEEE1394 is mounted)
(At the low power mode) 220 V - 240 V 6 W or less (11 W or less when IEEE1394 is mounted)
Off 1 W or less
(In compliance with Executive Order of the President of the United States of America) 
Operational Environment Temperature: 15 - 30°C, Humidity: 10 - 80 % (Condensation free)
Acoustic Noise Acoustic pressure Operation: approx. 49 dB (A) or less, Standby: approx. 35 dB (A) or less 
Acoustic power 6.3 Bels or less
Line Accuracy +/-0.1 % or less
User adjustments necessary. Printing environment and media must match that used for the adjustments. 
CAD paper required: Plain paper, CAD tracing paper, coated paper, CAD translucent matte film only
Detector and Adjustment Registration adjustment Automatic / Manual
Banding adjustment (Line Feed adjustment) Automatic / Manual
Line length adjustment Manual
Head slant adjustment Automatic
Color calibration No
Head gap adjustment Automatic / Manual
Non-firing detection Yes
Non-firing compensation  Yes
Roll media remaining detection function Yes
Memory Standard Memory 256 Mbyte
Expansion Slot None
Hardisk - -
Firmware Languages Printer Languages GARO (Graphic Arts language with Raster Operations)、HP-GL/2、HP RTL
Job Control CPCA
Status reply CPCA、SNMP-MIB(Standard MIB、Canon-MIB)
Type Flash ROM
Update Updated from USB, 1394, Ethernet port (Utility use)
Operation Panel Display Large LCD: 160 x 128 dots; Key x 12, LED x 5
Language on operation panel US-English, Japanese
Languages US-English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese (Kanji)
Interface USB2.0 Hi-Speed Type Built-in
Mode Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mbit/sec), Bulk transfer
Connector Type Series B (4 pins)
Ethernet Type Built-in
Standard IEEE 802.3 10base-T
  IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX / Auto-Negotiation
  IEEE 802.3 x Full Duplex
Protocol IPX/SPX (Netware 4.2(J), 5.0(J), 6.0(J))
SNMP (Canon-MIB), HTTP, TCP/IP, AppleTalk
IEEE1934 (option) Type Slot card type (Option)
Standard IEEE1394 - 1995, P1394a (Based on Draft 2.0), Half duplex, 
Data/Strb differential serial
Data-transfer time 100/200/400 Mbit/sec.
Connector Type In compliance with IEEE1394 - 1995, 6 pins, No power supply
Expansion Slot 1
Print Head
Print Head Model PF-03
Type Bubble-jet on demand
Head configuration 6 colors integrated type (6 chips per print head x 1 print head) 
Nozzle pitch 1, 200 dpi x 2
Nozzle per chip MBK: 5, 120 nozzles, each other color: 2, 560 nozzles 
Droplet size 4 pl (per color)
Ink Tank
Ink Tank Model PFI-102 (MBK, BK, C, M, Y)
Supply Tubing system
Colors MBK x 2, BK, C, M, Y
Capacity Bundled starter ink : 90 ml, sales ink : 130 ml 
Level detection Detected by dot count and electrode (Empty)
Smart chip Each ink tank is equipped with EEPROM which stores its ink level. 
Model -
Type Automatic horizontal cutting (Rotary cutter), independent unit



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